Town and City Clerk

The Town and City Clerk's Office is responsible for preparing Court of Common Council agendas, publication of the Journal of Official Minutes and the provision of certified copies of any proceedings of the Council. Also, as required by State Statute, the Town and City Clerk is also responsible for maintaining all land, voting, elections/primaries and military records; property ownership, voter registration cards, landlord certificate of registration, liquor applications and permits, claims against the City; Domestic Partnership Registration, Airplane Registration; issuance of various licenses, such as dog, hunting, fishing, etc.; administration of the Absentee Ballot Program and certifying notary publics. To act as guardian of the City seal, affixing only to proper and valid municipal documents.

The Town and City Clerk has a responsibility to deliver the best service to the public in the most efficient and expedient manner in accordance with the requirements of the Charter, State Statutes, and Municipal Code. We look forward to assisting you! 

Looking for a deed or any other land recording? Check out . It helps making looking for land records easier than ever. 

If the document has no image, it's okay. Call 860-757-9749 and we'll help you mail in your request with a payment to the Hartford's  Town Clerks office. 

Looking for a City Ordinance, Codes or any other document. See here the City's Municode Library.






CAMPAIGN FINANCES - April 10, 2023


CAMPAIGN FINANCES - January 10, 2023


SEEC FORM 1 - 2023






October 29th 2019 filings

  • Information upload pending


October 10th, 2019 filings

Luke Bronin(PDF, 15MB) Aaron Lewis(PDF, 3MB)
Eddie Perez(PDF, 2MB) Stan McCauley(PDF, 1MB)
Brandon McGee(PDF, 3MB)  


Council Candidates

Taking Back Hartford (PAC)(PDF, 1MB) John Gale(PDF, 3MB) 
Wildaliz Bermudez(PDF, 3MB) Garry Bazzano(PDF, 2MB)
Shirley Surgeon(PDF, 2MB) Maly Rosado(PDF, 2MB)
Marilynn Rossetti(PDF, 1MB) Thomas Clarke(PDF, 269KB)
Joshua Mitchtom(PDF, 1MB) Nick Lebron(PDF, 653KB) 
Eliezer Mercado(PDF, 1MB) Rjo Winch(PDF, 448KB)
James "Jimmy" Sanchez(PDF, 2MB) Adam Cloud(PDF, 4MB)


7th Day Preceding Election

Mayoral Candidates

Luke Bronin (1)(PDF, 10MB) Luke Bronin (2)(PDF, 10MB) 
Luke Bronin (3)(PDF, 9MB) Luke Bronin (4)(PDF, 4MB)
Brandon McGee(PDF, 4MB) Eddie Perez(PDF, 7MB)


Council Candidates

Marilynn Rossetti(PDF, 828KB) Shirley Surgeon(PDF, 3MB) 
Nick Lebron(PDF, 1MB) Take Back Hartford (PAC)(PDF, 2MB)
Maly Rosado(PDF, 2MB) Eliezer Mercado(PDF, 1MB)
Thomas Clarke(PDF, 491KB) James "Jimmy" Sanchez(PDF, 2MB)
Adam Cloud(PDF, 4MB)  


Campaign Finance July 10th, 2019 

Mayoral Candidates

Craig Stallings(PDF, 52KB)  James (Stan) McCauley(PDF, 1MB) 
Eddie Perez(PDF, 6MB) Aaron Lewis(PDF, 2MB)
Eddie Perez (2)(PDF, 7MB) Brandon L. McGee(PDF, 4MB)
Luke Bronin (1)(PDF, 10MB) Luke Bronin (2)(PDF, 10MB) 
Luke Bronin (3)(PDF, 10MB) Luke Bronin (4)(PDF, 4MB)


Council Candidates

Ronnie Walker(PDF, 134KB) Rjo Winch(PDF, 131KB) 
Theodore Cannon(PDF, 2MB) Nick Lebron(PDF, 2MB)
Thomas (TJ) Clarke(PDF, 253KB) Eliezer Mercado(PDF, 2MB)
Maly Rosado(PDF, 3MB) Marilynn Rossetti(PDF, 4MB)
James (Jimmy) Sanchez(PDF, 2MB) Shirley Surgeon(PDF, 74KB)
John Gale(PDF, 7MB) Ramon Espinoza(PDF, 129KB)


Campaign Finance April 10th, 2019

Itemized Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement

Mayoral Candidates

Luke Bronin (Part 1)(PDF, 8MB) 
Luke Bronin (Part 2)(PDF, 8MB)
Luke Bronin (Part 3)(PDF, 8MB)
Luke Bronin (Part IV)(PDF, 8MB)
Luke Bronin (Part V)(PDF, 8MB)
Luke Bronin (Part VI)(PDF, 8MB)
Luke Bronin (Part VII)(PDF, 8MB)
Luke Bronin (Part VIII)(PDF, 1MB) 
Brandon McGee (Initial)(PDF, 2MB)
Brandon McGee (Amended)(PDF, 6MB)
James S. McCauley(PDF, 722KB)
Aaron D. Lewis(PDF, 1MB)
Craig T. Stallings(PDF, 100KB)
W. Michael Downes(PDF, 237KB)
Giselle S. Jacobs(PDF, 193KB)


SEEC Form 1 (Declared Candidacy After April 1st)

Eddie Perez(PDF, 343KB) 
Andre J. Thompson(PDF, 210KB)


Council Candidates

Thomas Clake(PDF, 1MB)
Nick Lebron(PDF, 124KB)
John Gale(PDF, 163KB) 
James "Jimmy" Sanchez(PDF, 1MB)
Rjo Winch(PDF, 154KB)
Eliezer Mercado(PDF, 2MB)


SEEC Form 1 (Declared Candidacy After April 1st)

Marlilynn Rosetti(PDF, 446KB) Ronnie Walker(PDF, 134KB) 
Maly D. Rosado(PDF, 360KB) Ramon Espinoza(PDF, 212KB)
Ronald A. Simpson(PDF, 91KB) Theordore Cannon (R)(PDF, 307KB)
David M. MacDonald(PDF, 184KB) Shirley Surgeon(PDF, 321KB)


Treasurer Candidates

Adam Cloud(PDF, 357KB) 
Kenneth Kennedy(PDF, 208KB)