Human Resources & Labor Relations

A collage of photos of City of Hartford employees and residents at the inaugural career open house

The Department of Human Resources & Labor Relations is responsible for the City of Hartford's diverse workforce and is committed to providing effective guidance and support with respect to managing employees and the hiring of new employees. 

Our objective is to support City departments with reliable and responsive human resources services and meeting goals by establishing policies and procedures in compliance with Federal and State regulation laws. It is also our responsibility to administer and implement the departmental policies.  

Human Resources provides direct service in the following areas: compensation, classification, benefits, employee relations, labor relations, training and development. 

Department Head

Marlene Fleeting

Humans Resources Administration

Marlene Fleeting Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations 860-757-9814
Nellie Andrades Senior Administrative  Assistant 860-757-9804
 Aretha Wood Executive Assistant 860-757-9801


Benefits Administration

Rich Pokorski Benefits Administrator 860-757-9862
Stacy Castiglione Benefits Coordinator 860-757-9864


Employment Services

 Amanda Columbo Human Resources Analyst 860-757-9802
Aaron Pryzbek Human Resources Analyst 860-757-9812


Employment Services & Technology

Pamela Ratti Senior Human Resources Analyst 860-757-9808


Labor Relations

Debra C. Carabillo Deputy Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations (Part Time) 860-757-9817
Melvin Gonzalez Principal Human Resources Analyst 860-757-9815