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The Tax Collector is the Government Official responsible for the billing and collection of City property taxes. The mission of the Tax Collector's Office is to assist in maintaining the fiscal stability of the City by ensuring the timely collection and recording of all taxes through the diligent application of State Statutes, while assisting the public in understanding the taxation process and maintaining an effective and cordial relationship with the general public.

Department Head

Nancy S. Raich

Nancy began working for the City of Hartford in December 2007 after having completed her law degree in Massachusetts. She joined the City of Hartford’s Finance Department, initially as a Tax Investigator and then in an Administrative role where she used her research and managerial skills as a Tax Office representative. In 2016, Mayor Luke Bronin appointed Nancy to the position of Tax Collector.

The second semi-annual installment of taxes on the Grand List of October 1, 2022, are due and payable on January 1, 2024.

Failure to pay any tax due January 1, 2024, on or before February 1, 2024, will cause the tax to become delinquent and subject to interest, from the due date of January 1, 2024, at the rate of 1.5% per full or partial month. Any delinquent tax is subject to a minimum interest charge of two dollars ($2.00).

Since failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the tax or, in the event of delinquency, respective penalties, taxpayers who do not receive a bill by the end of the first full week of January should request a duplicate from the Office of The Tax Collector, or download a copy online at

If you escrow your taxes with a mortgage company and you would like to view your bill, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for your bill by Name, Property Location, Bill # or List Number
  3. Select any of the following options:
    1. Information on this Account
    2. Download PDF

To avoid a penalty, payment must be postmarked or hand delivered by Thursday, February 1, 2024. Payments postmarked after February 1, 2024 incur interest at a rate of 1.5% per month, calculated back to the January 1 due date.

There are four options to pay:

  1. Pay online. Pay by electronic check ($0.50 processing fee) or by credit card (2.99% processing fee, with a minimum fee of $3.95). Go to
  2. Pay by mail. Insert your check and payment stub in the provided envelope. Yes, the Massachusetts address is correct. This is where our bank processes payments.
  3. Pay by Secure Drop Box*. Payments can be placed in the Tax Office drop box located to the right of the Tax Collector’s Office entrance (*2022GL payments must be dropped in the box no later than 7:00pm on February 1st 2024 in order to be considered timely).
  4. Pay in person. Come to Room 106 located in City Hall. Office hours are Monday through Wednesday, 8:15AM to 2:00PM., Thursday, 8:15am to 7:00PM, and Friday, 8:15AM to 2:30PM.

If you would like a receipt, you may print a copy of your payment history on line. Go to and look up your tax info then click on the PDF image on the right side of the screen next to the bill you’d like to see. Payments are reflected one to two business days after a payment is posted by the Tax Office.

Tax relief programs are available to veterans, disabled, and income eligible residents over the age of 65. Contact the Assessment Office at 860-757-9640, or visit to learn more.

The FY2024 Mill Rate (2022 Tax Bill due 7/01/23 and 1/01/24) is 68.95 for Real Property and Personal Property and 32.46 for Motor Vehicles.

  • The City of Hartford has hired Municipal Tax Services (MTS) to find unregistered and improperly registered motor vehicles. If you have received a bill form MTS, you may contact them at 866-703-0780 or by email:
  • The City of Hartford  Tax Collector's office has a new address where semi-annual tax bills with accompanying tax payments should be sent. The new address is City of Hartford P.O. Box 412834 Boston, MA 02241-2834.
  • For information about the City's property revaluation and your new assessment, please contact the Tax Assessor at

Regular Real Estate Taxes
Interest accrues at 1.5% per month or 18% per year on delinquent

1st Installment Due July 1st
Last Day to Pay *August 1st
2nd Installment Due January 1st
Last Day to Pay *February 1st


Elderly Real Estate Taxes (for approved applications only)

1st Installment Due July 1st
Last Day to Pay *August 1st
2nd Installment Due October 1st
Last Day to Pay *November 1st
3rd Installment  Due January 1st
Last Day to Pay *February 1st
4th Installment  Due April 1st
Last Day to Pay *May 1st


Regular Motor Vehicle Taxes
Over $100.00 billed in two installments 

1st Installment Due July 1st
Last Day to Pay *August 1st
2nd Installment Due January 1st
Last Day to Pay *February 1st


Supplemental Motor Vehicle Taxes – Registered after October 2nd

1st Installment Due January 1st
Last Day to Pay *February 1st


*If the Last Day to Pay falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the payment will be due the following Monday.

In Hartford, the mill rate is 68.95 for real property and 32.46 for motor vehicles.  But it is important to know that, in Hartford, residential property and commercial property are assessed differently.  So if you own a residential property that’s single family or for two or three families, your effective mill rate is actually much lower. 

Currently, the effective mill rate for residential real estate is 36.20, half the rate of other taxable real estate and business personal property. Everywhere in the state of Connecticut except for the City of Hartford, taxable property is assessed at 70% of fair market value. This year in Hartford, residential property is assessed at 36.75% of fair market value.

For further information about the mill rate and property values, please contact the City Assessor at


What is the best way to pay my tax bill?

The most convenient way to pay your taxes is by paying online using a debit or credit card, E-check through ACH/EFT or with a check by mail. A return envelope is included with your tax bill. Write the list numbers on your check. Your list numbers are shown on your bill. Mail payments to City of Hartford  PO Box 412834


DO NOT INCLUDE CASH. There is a $20 fee that will be applied to your account for checks returned by your Financial Institution for insufficient funds.

Can I pay my motor vehicle delinquent taxes by personal check?

If you have delinquent motor vehicle taxes, or are planning to register a vehicle with the DMV and require a release from the Tax Collector, you must pay with Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, or Certified Bank Check. If your payment is made by personal check, a release will be delayed for ten (10) business days or until the check clears. All releases are now processed electronically through the DMV.

My property has a real estate lien. Can I get it released after I pay my taxes?

For immediate release of a Tax Lien, payment must be made by Cash, Money Order or Certified bank check. If payment is made by Personal check, the lien will not be released for ten (10) business days.

May I pay my taxes with a credit or debit card?

The City of Hartford accepts all major credit cards ( VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), Google-Pay and Apple-Pay. For those taxpayers who choose to pay with credit cards, there is a 2.99% convenience fee charged with a $3.95 minimum charge . This fee does not go to the City but to the bank for the transaction processing costs. You may also pay online by check through ACH/EFT. These transaction cost $0.50

Can I make partial payments for taxes?

Partial payments are accepted. Interest is charged at the statutory rate (currently 1 ½ % per month/ 18% per year) from the due date. Taxes must be paid in full for lien releases or for motor vehicle registration clearance. If the amount of delinquent taxes owed is greater than $5,000.00, or more than one year is past due, a formal agreement to pay over 12 months may be entered into with an authorized member of the Tax Collector’s staff.

Are there long lines at City Hall?

Yes, during the months of July and January. You should expect to wait in line if you plan to pay in person during this period. Lines are longest at lunchtime, and as the last day to pay approaches. When paying in person, bring your tax bill with you, and write your list numbers on your check for faster service. If you want to avoid waiting in line, consider paying your bill by mail or online. You may also “drop off” a check (check only - no cash) at the Tax Collector’s Office in the drop box outside Room 106 at City Hall.

What are the office hours of the Tax Collector?

The Tax Collector's Office, located on the first floor of Hartford City Hall, 550 Main Street, Room 106, is open to the public Monday through Wednesday, 8:15 am. – 2:00 pm, Thursday 8:15 am. - 7:00 pm., Friday 8:15 pm - 2:30 pm.

What if I never received a tax bill?

Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) Section 12-130 states that “…failure to send out or receive a tax bill shall not invalidate the tax....” You are not exempt from payment of all taxes and all interest charges.  If you do not receive a bill for which you are responsible, contact the Tax Collector's Office at and request a copy or go to to look up your taxes and/or print out a statement.

Do I need to save my receipts?

Yes. Save your receipts for 15 years, which is the length of time during which municipal taxes are collectible. Receipts will be issued for payments made in person at the Tax Office window. You must retain your own payment information for purposes of claiming tax credits and filling out Federal and State income tax forms. Requests for information about payments made in prior fiscal years must be in writing; a fee for printing may be charged.

What do I own that is subject to taxes?

Three types of property are assessed and subject to taxes:

Real Estate: Any land or buildings are considered real estate.

Motor Vehicle: Registered motorized or non-motorized vehicles, (including cars, trucks, trailers and motorcycles) are considered motor vehicles for tax purposes.

Personal Property: Personal property is a general category including business equipment, machinery, furniture and fixtures either owned or leased by a business. Unregistered motor vehicles are also taxed as personal property.

How is the tax rate established?

The property tax rate is expressed in mills, or thousandths of a dollar. A tax rate (mill rate) of 68.95 mills is equivalent to $68.95 in taxes per $1,000 of net assessed value. The City of Hartford sets the mill rates annually in May/ June as part of the municipal budget process.

When are taxes due?

Taxes are due July 1st and January 1st. If a tax bill is $100 or less, the full amount is due on July 1st.