Made to Move - Bike Boulevards

  • Project typeBicycle Infrastructure
Slow Street Sign on Hampton Street

Degree® Deodorant and Blue Zones® announced the five cities that were awarded $100,000 each to implement innovative and transformative community projects to help people get moving naturally for generations to come. The Hartford project will create the state’s first three bike boulevards. Bike boulevards are specially-marked, low-traffic, low-speed streets designated for bike riders of all ages and abilities. While they do not completely block motor vehicle access, they discourage cut-through traffic and speeding on residential streets. The bike boulevards also provide traffic calming benefits for adjacent properties and will offer other Connecticut communities a model for transforming their own infrastructure. North Beacon Street, Beacon Street, Babcock Street, Ashley Street, and Hampton Street were the originally proposed locations.

In 2020, Hampton Street was the first to receive the slow streets installation. In 2021, the City began early marking and additional outreach for the other streets. Outreach will continue in early 2022, and installation is anticipated after the engagement process.