Licenses & Inspections

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The Licenses & Inspections (L&I) Division's highest priority is protecting the health, welfare, and safety of Hartford's residents by:

  • Reviewing construction plans for compliance with building codes and issuing permits
  • Conducting building inspections for safety and enforcement
  • Inspecting weights and measures
  • Monitoring and demolishing unsafe structures
  • Issuing business licenses
  • Educating and advising property and business owners, the building industry, and the public

 Licenses & Inspections offers the following services:

Rental Licensing

In November, 2019, the City enacted a new Housing Code containing a Rental Licensing Program. Owners and Condominium Associations will require a separate license for each building containing at least three (3) dwelling units. Having a valid rental license will satisfy the requirements of having a CAO.  

Report a Housing Concern

Weights and Measures

Weights and Measures staff protect consumers by applying uniform inspection and test procedures, ensuring proper licensing of measurement devices, and by verifying accurate measurements and calibrations. Some examples of Weights and Measures services include:

  • Licensing commercial devices such as scales, gas dispensers, fuel meters and timing devices.
  • Verifying proper labeling of products sold by weight, measure or count, i.e. confirming that a gallon of gas is a gallon.
  • Ensuring that posted and scanned prices for items match.
  • Conducting investigations of fraud in commodities

This team inspects regulated facilities periodically and in response to citizen complaints. Weights and Measures plays a critical role in Hartford's marketplace by protecting consumers and retailers from unfair business practices.