Apply for a Demolition Permit

Building being demolished

Apply to demolish a building or structure within the City of Hartford. To ensure safety, all demolition projects and project managers must adhere to the divisions's regulations regarding demolition procedures.

Follow Steps Below

Step 1.Review Intent to Demolish Requirements 

Intent To Demolish Requirements(PDF, 81KB)

If the the property is historic, permission by the Historic Commission is be necessary before demolition. Check to see if your property is within a historic district on the planning viewer by selecting the historic district layer. Visit here to apply for historic review. 

Step 2.Submit Notice of Intent to Demolish 

The submission of the following notice of intent to demolish form must be completed 90 days before a Demolition Permit may be filed. 

Notice of Intent to Demolish Form(PDF, 84KB)

Step 3.Apply for Reduction of 60 Days Waiting Period

The 60 days waiting period to file for a Demolition Permit may be reduced if you are requesting for one of the following reasons:

  • To allow the building to be demolished on or before the October 1st date for the assessment for real property taxes.
  • The owner of the property will secure all necessary permits and approvals from public departments, boards and commissions; will complete all steps necessary, including the financial arrangement which will permit new construction at this location; and the period of public notice required by this Ordinance is the only reason for the applicant's inability to commence site work immediately. 

If one of the above reasons applies, please complete the following form.

Reduction of 60 Days Waiting Period for Demolition Form(PDF, 86KB)

The period of public notice to demolish may NOT be reduced to less than 30 days beginning on the date of the publication of the first public notice.

Step 4.Application Review

The Division will review the application and be in contact with the applicant. We have up to 30 days to respond to a completed permit application. Typically permits are issued within the first two weeks. The Director of Licenses and Inspections must defer the issuance of a Demolition Permit until at least twenty (20) days after the demolition application is filed. 

Step 5.Submit Demolition Application

Complete the form below and submit application. 

Submit Demolition Permit Application