Apply to be a Pedal Cab Operator

Pedal Cab

Apply to be a pedal cab operator here. 



Step 1.Complete Online Pedal Cab Application

Click Here to Apply Online

Step 2.Submit Documents

With the Pedal Cab Operator Application you must also submit the following: 
  • Proof of Worker’s Comp Insurance (must name City of Hartford as insured)
  • A complete set of fingerprints ($20.00 fee @ HPD Tues & Thurs 10AM-2PM)
  • Letter signed by a physician, stating the physical capability of the applicant
  • Drivers License/State ID (including restrictions, driving history, license suspended or revoked etc.) 
  • Criminal background check ($5.00 fee @ HPD) 

Step 3.Pay Fee

The Pedal Cab Operator Application has a $25.00 fee.