Apply for a Sign Permit

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Apply for a Sign Permit here. 




Step 1.Submit Online Application

Complete the application linked below.

Sign Permit Application

A Sign Permit Application must be submitted with supporting documents in order to begin the review process. The application must be signed by the property owner to be accepted. 

Applications deemed incomplete will be put on hold and kept for a total of 60 days from the date of submission. After the 60th day, if outstanding documents have not been received, the incomplete application will be retired. A new application must be submitted to continue the request. Once all supporting documents have been received by staff, the Planning Clerk will issue you a receipt indicating that the application is complete. The application will then be submitted to Plan Reviewers for processing.

Step 2.Pay Fees 

Costs of permits vary based upon permit type. You can download a fee schedule here(PDF, 454KB). If more than one permit is required, the cost is the total of all applicable fees. Fees must be paid at time of application.

Step 3.Application Review

Applications undergoing administrative review may take up to 35 days to process, depending on the type of request. Per Connecticut General Statute (state law), public hearings must be initiated within 65 days of receipt of a complete application. After you submit your application, staff will contact you to schedule the hearing. 

Review Types:

  • Administrative Reviews: Certain types are permitted "by-right". This means they are permitted in the corresponding district without conditions. Although these cases are permitted, they still require going through the plan review process as the form-based code specifics design details which must be followed. Planning Division Staff review these application requests and typically make a determination in under 35 days.
  • Commission Reviews: The Table of Principle Uses in the How to Guide: Plan Review and Approval(PDF, 4MB) may indicate that a use is permitted by special permit, which can only be granted by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Likewise, demolition requests and changes in material of houses in historic districts must be hear by the Historic Commission, and applicants seeking an exception from the Zoning Regulations must appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals. These meetings provide opportunity for the public to formally comment before a decision is made. 

Step 4.Public Notice

For commission level reviews, public noticing is required. The conditions and requirements of the public notice may vary depending on the commission that will hear the request. Staff will take care of legal noticing. Applicants will be responsible for contacting neighbors and putting up signage. Refer to the People's Guide to Public Hearings(PDF, 2MB) pamphlet for more information. 

Step 5.Appealing a Decision

If your request is denied, you have the right to appeal. Appeals are heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals. To file for an appeal you must: 

  1. Complete the application for appeals of administrative decisions and submit it along with the required fee. 
  2. File the appeal for administrative decisions within 15 days or earlier of the following events: Receipt of the order, requirement, or decision from which such person may appeal; the publication of a notice of decision in accordance with CT General Statutes Section 8-3 (relating to the certification of building permits); Actual or constructive notice of such order, requirement, or decision. 
  3. Attend the Zoning Board of Appeals, public hearing regarding your case. If the Zoning Board denies your appeal, you have the right to file for an additional appeal with the Hartford Superior Court. You can contact them at (860) 833-8134.