File a Zoning Appeal

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If your Zoning Application is denied, you have the right to appeal. If you are a party that is aggrieved by a decision that was made on someone else’s Zoning Application, you ALSO have the right to appeal. Finally, if you believe the Zoning Enforcement Officer made an error in enforcing the regulations, you may file an appeal.

Note: The appeal process involves a public hearing, public notification (letters and a sign), and applicable fees. The process takes approximately 1.5 to 3 months. There is no guarantee that the appeal will be approved, nor does it guarantee that enforcement measures will cease in the interim.

Administrative appeals are heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals. 




To file for an appeal you must: 

Step 1.Complete the application for appeals of administrative decisions and submit it along with the required fee. 

The Department of Development Services uses the Accela portal to accept all Planning and Zoning applications. Please create an account to submit applications.

After logging on, you should be able to "Select a Record Type" for the applicable application. To view existing applications and check their status, please select "My Records".

To file an administrative appeal please choose the “Appeal” Record Group and select the “Appeal” Record Type. 

Submit Application

**If you are not sure which option to select, email with a basic description of your project and your question(s)**

Step 2.File the appeal for administrative decisions within 15 days. 

File the appeal for administrative decisions within 15 days or earlier of the following events: Receipt of the order, requirement, or decision from which such person may appeal; the publication of a notice of decision in accordance with CT General Statutes Section 8-3 (relating to the certification of building permits); Actual or constructive notice of such order, requirement, or decision.  

Step 3.Attend the Zoning Board of Appeals, public hearing regarding your case. 

If the Zoning Board denies your appeal, you have the right to file for an additional appeal with the Hartford Superior Court. You can contact them at (860) 833-8134.

(Note that an appeal of a decision made by the Planning & Zoning Commission should be appealed in Superior Court as well.)