Early Learning

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1. Overview

The City of Hartford has a longstanding commitment to early childhood education and interventions. It is the first municipality in the State to implement a citywide Early Childhood Blueprint and the only city to establish a department, endorsed by City Council, to oversee early childhood initiatives.

The Division performs day-to-day planning and coordination, serving as the lead entity to coordinate and implement early childhood policy and the City’s coordinated early childhood plan. Its responsibilities are to:

  • Implement early childhood policy coordinating early learning and development planning;
  • Unite early childhood programs and into a coordinated comprehensive citywide system;
  • Improve the quality of early childhood programs, increase teacher credentials, and strengthen the use of effective instructional practices through professional development and data-driven decision-making practices in order to ensure positive child outcomes;
  • Lead and/or participate on boards and commissions related to early childhood and;
  • Seek additional revenues

Mayor's Cabinet for Young Children

Established by the Mayor, the Cabinet advises the Mayor in setting policy on all matters affecting young children and their families and acts as the local School Readiness Council. The Cabinet includes both elected and appointed public sector leaders as well as non-governmental appointees representing important stakeholders including parents. Cabinet responsibilities are:
  • Recommend and oversee city policy on early childhood;
  • Establish short - and long-term goals and targets;
  • Advance the City’s Early Childhood Plan or Blueprint; and
  • Assume and extend beyond the functions of the state-mandated School Readiness Council in order to embrace a birth to age nine continuum inclusive of all providers (Center-based, Home-based, and Friends, Families & Neighbors), regardless of funding source.
Mayor's Cabinet for Young Children Meeting
 4/30/2021  (PDF, 3MB)Meeting Agenda and Minutes(PDF, 3MB)
Zoom Meeting Video Link
 9/11/2020  Meeting Agenda and Minutes(PDF, 2MB)
08/22/2019       Minutes(PDF, 29KB)  
11/12/2019   Agenda(PDF, 34KB)   Minutes(PDF, 192KB)




School Readiness Program

The Connecticut School Readiness Program is a state-funded initiative administered by the State Department of Education that develops a network of school readiness programs throughout the state to:
  • Significantly increase the number of spaces in accredited and/or approved programs for young children to provide access to high quality school readiness programs;
  • Significantly increase the number of full-day, full-year spaces to meet family needs; and
  • Share cost for school readiness and child-care programs among the state and its various agencies, the communities and families.
Hartford resident children who are ages 3-5 who are not eligible to enroll in school may enroll in a school readiness program. The Division for Young Children assumes responsibility for overseeing Hartford’s School Readiness Program under the auspices of the Mayor’s Cabinet for Young Children with the Assistant Director appointed as the local liaison to the State Department of Education.


1. Policy Approval Systems(PDF, 69KB)

11. Policy Non-Residency Option(PDF, 40KB)

2. Policy Budget Guidance(PDF, 60KB)

12. Policy Non-Sectarian(PDF, 32KB)

3. Policy CHEFA Loans(PDF, 125KB)

13 Policy PAF Child Outcome Data(PDF, 99KB)

4. Policy Children with IEP(PDF, 58KB)

14. Policy Professional Development Registry(PDF, 35KB)

5. Policy Eligibility for Program Enrollment(PDF, 71KB)

15. Policy Professional Development(PDF, 17KB)

6. Policy Fees and Subsidies(PDF, 94KB)

16. Policy School Readiness Council Membership(PDF, 101KB)

7. Policy Fee Schedule and Per-Child Contributions(PDF, 94KB)

17. Policy Shot Types(PDF, 94KB)

8. Policy Full-Day Slot Reimbursement(PDF, 24KB)

18. Policy Staff Qualifications(PDF, 59KB)

9. Policy Income Guidelines(PDF, 85KB)

19. Policy Start-Up Cost(PDF, 27KB)

10. Policy NAEYC Requirements(PDF, 111KB)



Hartford School Readiness Community-Based Early Learning Programs

2. City of Hartford Early Learning Centers

Three centers, strategically located throughout the City of Hartford, provide high-quality early childhood learning and development services year-round to infants, toddlers and preschool children, including those with special needs. Funding to support the operations of the Early Learning Centers is provided by the State of Connecticut and the City of Hartford.

All of the Early Learning Centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), licensed by the State Office of Early Childhood and employ experienced and credentialed early childhood professionals to partner with parents in order to promote the health and development of their children.

Early Learning Center Sites

Application Process

 Thank you for your interest in our City of Hartford Department of Families Children Youth and Recreation Early Learning Center program.


 Submit Required Application Forms:

  1. Early Learning Center Enrollment Application 
  2. Release of information 
  3. Authorization for Access to Confidential Health Information 
  4. Emergency Care Form  
  5. Child Enrollment & Emergency Medical Care Form
  6. Social Service Survey
  7. Nutrition Questionnaire for Children

The forms above, if you press each link the forms can be filled out and when complete, they will automatically get sent back to me 

Other Required Documents:

  • 2 Forms of Proof of Address
  • Copy of Income Tax Return
  • Copy of Child's Birth Certificate
  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Verification of Income
  • Verification of Address
  • Medical/Insurance Card
  • Updated Physical

The forms below have to be printed out, scanned and deliver back to the Senior Interviewer via email or in person: 

The Child Enrollment & Emergency Medical Care Form link and Income Eligibility Application/CACFP Food form both links above have to be printed out, filled out then scan and send back to me. 

The IEA/CACFP Food Forms needs to be filled out so your child can be provided a healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. NO OUTSIDE FOOD is permitted at the center and WE are  PEANUT FREE ZONE.  

For the CACFP Food Form please fill out Page 1:  

  • Part 1  Child Name & Date of Birth (Only) 
  • Part 3 –Include everyone in household even children and your income 

  • Part 4- Race/Ethnicity 

The rest of the form will be filled out by the Senior Interviewer. 

Please note if you have more than one child you have to fill out separate information for each of them. We are looking forward to working with you and providing excellent service to your children. 








Your child can start once we have talked and I confirm your payment fee and drop off and pick up time once I have received all the mandated forms and documents.  Also if you have a previous balance before we closed it March, it must be payed before your child starts. 


Department of Families Children, Youth and Recreation (DFCYR) Early Learning Centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. DFCYR Early Learning Centers are licensed by the City of Early Childhood. 

Your child will be provided a healthy breakfast, lunch and hefty afternoon snack. NO OUTSIDE FOOD is permitted at the center and WE are  NUT/PEANUT FREE ZONE.   

Things to bring:  

  • Fitted crib sheet and blanket for your child’s Quiet Time and a change of clothes.   

  • If your child is still being potty trained please bring pull ups and wipes. We will help with the potty process. 

  • Extra pair of shoes that will be left at the center.  Children will be taking of their shoes that they wear from the outside and will have the shoes you provide for the center on during their time there.  

Every Friday, the teachers will return blankets back for washing and you are to bring back on Mondays. 

If you are running late it is your responsibility to call the Center and let the teacher know (860)757-0700 or (860) 757-0702 or of your child will be absent on any given day. 

We do not discipline your child/ren; we do not do Time Outs, we practice Positive Reinforcement.  The Staff members of the Early Learning Centers develop and implement effective behavior strategies in partnership with parents.  Setting clear limits and consequences encourages children to take responsibility for their own behavior. 

We are all Mandated Reporters (You, The Teachers as well as myself).  All Department of Families Children Youth and Recreation have the responsibility to prevent child abuse and neglect of any children involved in our centers.  As you know the City of Hartford has a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy. 

Children arrive at the centers each morning and are provided with a variety of open and structured activities. 

  • At 9a.m. centers begin the day by offering Circle Time, Choice Time & Outdoor Activities. 

  • Before lunch, children transition to Story Time/Quiet Time Activities and then wash up for Lunch. 

  • After lunch, the children have Quiet Time/Nap Period.  A nap isn’t mandatory but they will be required to rest. 

  • Once Quiet Time is over they have afternoon snack and participate in a variety of open and structured activities. 

You can call the center any time you like to check on your child/ren; the teachers will communicate with you by phone calls as well. 

First day at the Center,  you will be greeted and introduced to our Senior Teacher.  

Parents and Children will take their temperatures DAILY before child enters, please note that you will be able to go into the classroom. 


Magdalene L. Garcia

Senior Interviewer 
Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation 
Division of Young Children 
550 Main Street – Room 305 
Hartford, CT 06103 
Main Tel. (860)757-9595 
Direct Tel. (860) 9537 
FAX:  (860) 722-6036 
E-Mail: Magdalene.Garcia@hartford.gov 


Asylum Hill Center

Asylum Hill Early Learning Center
814 Asylum Avenue 
Phone: (860) 757-0750
Fax: (860) 218-1580


Asylum Team

Senior Teacher Ms Adrian<

Ms. Adrian

Senior Teacher
Child Study
 30 Years Experience 

Teacher Ms Gladys

Ms. Gladys

Early Childhood
 13 Years Experience 
Teacher Ms Elizabeth

Ms. Elizabeth

Early Childhood
 26 Years Experience 

Teacher Assistant Ms Ann Marie
Ms. Ann Marie
Childhood Development
17 Years Experience

Chef Mr Hakim
Mr. Hakim
 25 Years Experience 

Hyland Center

Hyland Early Learning Center
355 New Britain Avenue
Phone: (860) 757-0700
Fax: (860) 722-6062


Hyland Team

Senior Teacher Ms. Tejada

 Ms. Tejeda

Senior Teacher

21 Years Experience

Toddler Teacher Ms. Pierce Preschool Teacher Ms. Carrion

Assistant Teacher Ms. Hubbard

Ms. Hubbard

Assistant Teacher

19 Years Experience

Preschool Teacher Mr. Amos

Mr. Amos


22 Years Working
With Youth

Preschool Teacher Ms Anderson

Ms. Anderson

Preschool Teacher

Chef Mr. Carbone

Mr. Cerbone


10 Years Experience

Preschool Teacher Ms. Valencia

Ms. Valencia

Assistant Teacher

5 Years Experience

Assistant Teacher Ms. Thomas

Ms. Thomas

 Assistant Teacher

31 Years Experience

Metzner Center

Metzner Early Learning Center

680 Franklin Avenue
Phone: (860) 757-0871
Fax: (860) 722-6549

Metzner Team

Ms Segura Senior Teacher Ms Mariela Teacher

 Ms. Segura

Senior Teacher
Bachelors in
Human Services
Associates of Science
Early Childhood Education

25 Years
Teaching Experience

 Ms. Mariela

Associates in 
Early Childhood Development
Attending Springfield College
Bachelors in Early Childhood 
Human Services

Teaching since 2005

3. Hartford Family Child Care Network

Family Child Care Network

To support family childcare providers by strengthening their knowledge and practices in early care and education, and business operations.

Our Vision
Family childcare providers offer high quality sustained childcare programs that promote child well-being and healthy development.



  • Professional Development Services
    Professional Development workshops, training and conferences are available throughout the year to all members. These opportunities focus on early care and education, best business practices and one-on-one coaching.

  • Coaching
    One-on-one coaching is available to all members.  Coaching sessions are designed to fit provider’s needs in a variety of areas such as: child development.  The HFCCN follow Connecticut’s CKC Framework Reflection tool as well as Rush and Sheldon’s coaching model.

  • Wrap Around Services
    The Village’s wrap around services provides a support person for the childcare provider, who is responsible for providing connections to various Village programs and other community resources. This service is intended to wrap around the provider in a way that supports him or her in all aspects of their childcare. 

  • Family Resources Directory
    Network members will receive a copy of the Hartford Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation’s Family Resource Directory. The directory catalogs over 350 Hartford-based organizations that provide youth, family, education, workforce development, civic engagement, and support services throughout the City. 

  • Free To Join
    It’s completely free to be part of the network! There is no additional cost to providers or to families. As a member of HFCCN, you will have the opportunity to build connections with other providers in the community while developing your own skills




Coming Soon


  1. Family child care Platform
  2. CTShares
  3. Napsacc
  4. Early Childhood Consultation Partnership



All family child care providers can applying for Family Child Care Network. Click Link Below.


For additional information or to have an application mailed to you, call 860-757-9538 or email carta002@hartford.gov


4. Hartford Talks

 Hartford Talks Logo

Hartford Talks is a replica of the Providence Talks early intervention initiative. In 2019 the City of Hartford was selected as one of five cities to participate in this replication cohort funded by What Works Cities and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Utilizing the technology of a “talk pedometer” developed by Colorado-based LENA Research Foundation, Hartford Talks is able to provide three different intervention models that work directly with families and caregivers of infants and toddlers. The Professional development model, LENA Grow, supports early care and education providers by focusing on conversational turn-taking throughout daily interactions.  This will support the foundation for developing higher-order thinking skills as children enter preschool.  The next model LENA Start, supports families in a group setting throughout the community. The Word Count home visiting model, LENA Home, is in partnership with the Village to support all home-visiting agencies throughout the city.

Through these models data is collected to measure talk and interactions between adults and young children. The coaching sessions provided will assist families and caregivers to be able to provide a more language-rich and interactive environment for the children.