Apply for a Home Improvement Loan

HPLF Before and After Pictures

The Housing Preservation Loan Fund (HPLF) Program has been a vital resource to Hartford residents for home improvement for more than 25 years. The Housing Preservation Loan Fund Program offers affordable loans to homeowners to make needed repairs and improvements to their properties located in the City of Hartford.

Through HPLF the City provides financing for the preservation of Hartford's housing stock and the revitalization of its neighborhoods. The program is designed to help low-income and moderate-income households fix-up their properties, and support efforts to beautify and improve neighborhoods. The program is funded by Community Development Block Grants from the federal government. HPLF's low-interest rates range from 0% to 4% depending upon each applicant's income level. In order to qualify for an HPLF loan you must be income-eligible according to federal guidelines.

There are no application fees nor up-front costs associated when submitting an application.



Step 1.Review Housing Preservation Loan Fund Program Parameters

Building Size Property Owner Basic Eligibility Requirements Maximum Loan Amount Interest Rate
Maximum Term
1-4 units

Under 50% AMI and

Income of owner $10,000
Deferred Loan
Transfer of title
(sale of house)
1-4 units

51% - 80% AMI and

Income of owner;
Ability to repay loan
$25,000–single family
$30,000– two family
$36,000– three family
$43,000– four family
2% 10 year
1-4 units

Over 80% AMI and/or

Low/moderate income tenants;
Ability to repay loan
$25,000–single family
$30,000– two family
$36,000– three family
$43,000– four family
4% 10 year


Important Note: When a property contains two dwelling units at least one must be occupied by low/moderate-income households. If the structure contains more than two units at least 51% of units must be so occupied. Rent restrictions apply for low/moderate-income tenants.

Step 2.Download HPLF Application 

Complete and sign the HPLF application below (application form along with required disclosures).

Download the HPLF application here(PDF, 674KB) 

Step 3.Collect Required Supporting Documentation 

Please read the following CAREFULLY! Below is a list of the information you need to gather:


  1. Last year Income Tax Returns for each person in the household
  2. Two (2) most recent pay stubs for each person in your household that is working
  3. Data on any other recurring income (business, child support, etc)
  4. Social Security income - award letter
  5. Pension income – copy of check or stub
  6. Six (6) months of consecutive checking account statements for each person in your household
  7. Most recent savings account statement for each person in your household

Other Documentation:

  1. Copy of homeowner’s insurance policy
  2. Mortgage Account Statement(s) (All mortgages must be current)
  3. Copy of a credit report no more than 30 days old. Order a free credit report by phone, 1-877-322-8228 or online at
  4. List of Tenants name and monthly rental amount (If applicable)

Please note that anyone on the title of the property must also gather the above information.

Property/motor vehicle taxes and outstanding parking tickets must be paid or brought current before you can apply for a loan. Our policies clearly prohibit the making of loans to property owners who have not fulfilled their obligation to pay City taxes. Any bankruptcy or foreclosures should be at least 2 years old.

Step 4.Submit Documentation

Send required supporting documents to Beayanka P. Naraine by one of the following methods:


Mail:      City of Hartford | Division of Housing/Beayanka P. Naraine | 260 Constitution Plaza | Hartford, CT 06103

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Beayanka at or 860-930-3143