Internal Audit Commission

This Commission conducts independent examinations and evaluations of City financial activities to assure integrity, efficiency, and efficacy of the government. Commissioners must:

  • Examine the integrity, efficiency, and efficacy of City Government.
  • Determine extent of compliance with policies, plans, procedures and legal requirements.
  • Appraise the soundness, adequacy, and application of accounting, financial, operating and systems controls.
  • Determine the extent to which City assets are accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds.
  • Determine the reliability of management data developed by City departments and offices and the Board of Education. 

Supporting Department: Internal Audit

Number of Members: 3

Membership Criteria

Professional or equivalent experience in accounting, management, or financial analysis.

  • 1 appointed by majority of Council
  • 1 appointed by Treasurer
  • 1 appointed by Council from 2 candidates selected by 10 largest owners of taxable property 



Meeting Information & Materials

In 2017, the Hartford Court of Common Council voted unanimously to utilize a free platform known as for Boards & Commissions to easily post their meeting agendas and meeting minutes online.



Commission/Board Bylaws