Fair Rent Commission

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The Hartford Fair Rent Commission is empowered by state and local law to address unreasonable rent increases. If the tenant believes that their rent increase is excessive, they can file a written complaint with the Fair Rent Commission.

After the complaint is filed, a housing code inspector will inspect the residence and present a report to the Commission. Deferred maintenance and code violations endangering health and safety are the most common cause for complaints. If staff cannot mediate problems between the landlord and tenant, the Commission will hold a public hearing to resolve the dispute. Repairs may be ordered or rent may be adjusted until problems are resolved.


Supporting Department: Development Services - Housing Division

Number of Members:5

Membership Criteria

  • At least 2 tenants.
  • At least 2 landlords. 



Meeting Information & Materials

FRC meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6pm.

In 2017, the Hartford Court of Common Council voted unanimously to utilize a free platform known as www.meetinginfo.org for Boards & Commissions to easily post their meeting agendas and meeting minutes online.

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