EARLY VOTING MARCH 26th, 27th, 28th, & 30th FROM 10am - 6pm.

Published on March 07, 2024

550 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 757-9830 Fax: (860) 722-6321

EARLY VOTING WILL TAKE PLACE ON MARCH 26th, 27th, 28th, & 30th FROM 10am - 6pm. 

Voting will take place at:
City Hall, 550 Main Street,
Rm#002, Hartford, CT. Ground Floor.
Curbside Voting will be held in Front of City Hall.

Voter Registration for Early Voting:  If you are not yet registered but want to vote during the early voting period before the Presidential Preference Primary, you can file your voter registration with the registrar of voter by noon on the business day before the day you want to vote.  (Ability to vote as new voter will be delayed a day. A new voter must return the following day to cast vote in Early Voting.)

March 25, 2024: Noon Deadline for unaffiliated voters who want to vote during the early voting period to enroll in either Democrat or Republican party.

April 1, 2024: at Noon Deadline for registering in person with the registrar of voters or town clerk to vote on April 2. Deadline for unaffiliated voters to enroll in a party in person for voting on April 2.

The Presidential Preference Primary will be held on April 2, 2024, city wide.  All 24 polling locations will be open from 6am – 8pm.   https://www.hartfordct.gov/Government/ROV

If you have any questions feel free to contact our office. 

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