Public Hearing Notice - Bushnell Park Trees.

On Display Indefinitely


In accordance with Section 23-59 of the Connecticut General Statutes, notice is hereby given that the City of Hartford Tree Warden shall hold a public hearing on the intended removal of a 46" diameter Quercus alba, "White Oak," a 35" diameter Acer saccharum, "Sugar Maple," and a 39" diameter Quercus rubra, "Northern Red Oak," all located in Bushnell Park, as a result of the appeal of Elizabeth Robbins, Zachary Ortiz, and Olivia Ortiz, dated January 15, 2023. Removal of the trees is intended due to poor tree conditions.

The Public Hearing will be held Friday, January 27, 2023, from 4:00pm to 5:00pm at DPW Headquarters, 50 Jennings Road, 2nd Floor, Hartford, Connecticut. 

Official Public Notice Document(PDF, 208KB)

Public Hearing Minutes(PDF, 2MB)

Public Hearing Recording -