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Our Animal Control Officers are responsible for the capturing and boarding of stray or roaming dogs. They are also responsible for investigation of dog bites and animal related violation of Connecticut general statues. They are authorized to take enforcement action against these violations in the form of infractions, summons, or referrals to other city departments.  In 2019, they responded to approximately 2,355 calls for service. They were responsible for the capture and boarding of 435 dogs. They also handle the process of adopting out or facilitating the redemption of all of these dogs.  


In Person

How to Adopt a Pet from Hartford Animal Control

Step 1.Make an Appointment

A scheduled appointment with an Animal Control Officer by calling

Step 2.Meet with the ACO

Bring a money order of $50.00 with you to your appointment

The cost to adopt a dog in Connecticut is $50.00, payable only by money order.  This fee includes funds that go to the State of Connecticut Overpopulation Control Voucher Program that provides funding for spaying, neutering, and vaccinations for abandoned dogs.

 All City of Hartford impounded dogs available for adoption are housed at the Simon Foundation located at 120 Rescue Lane, Bloomfield.

To see some of the pets available for adoption, visit the Hartford Animal Shelter's facebook page.