Hartford Police Academy

Post-Academy Class


What to Expect

The Hartford Police Academy hosts an intensive 30 week training program. The academy, located at 50 Williams Street, has a long history of training members of the Hartford Police Department. The instructors are made up of highly skilled officers from the Department that are POSTC certified subject matter experts.

Although structured and regimented, the academy isn't all about yelling, pushups and leg lifts. Important administrative matters must be attended to, you will learn the rank structure and chain of command within the Police Academy and the Hartford Police Department.

Most days involve a mix of classroom instruction, physical conditioning and practical skills training.


A Day in Life of a Recruit

A day in the life of police recruit requires a tough skin, endurance, and discipline. Your first day at the academy, and every day after that, is designed to set you up for success and to help you realize your full potential as a police officer.


  • Morning Uniform Inspections

Academy class formation   Academy class formation

Most academy days begin at 8AM but your preparations for each and every day start well before that time. Uniform appearance and grooming expectations are high at the academy and often determine the tone for the rest of the day. Uniforms must be kept clean, meticulously creased and properly aligned, precisely the same as each and every other recruit in your class. You are a member of a team now, you rise and fall together.  

  • Classroom Learning

Recruits in training

Classroom training is designed to teach valuable skills and to prepare officers to conduct a wide variety of investigations and to develop a solid understanding of the law and department policies and procedures. You will spend countless hours developing report writing skills that will prepare you to properly document critical investigations.

  • Honing Skills

CPR practice    DUI practice    Traffic skills day

Practical skills training is used to further develop future Hartford Police Officers. Ranging from accident reconstruction to active shooter scenarios, officers are forced to make decisions and take action based on real-world situations.  These practical exercises play a key role in the development of effective and competent police officers.

  • Physical Training

Physical fitness is very important during the academy. You will have physical training 3-4 days a week so it is important to prepare yourself and always continue to stay in good physical condition. That is why it is important to begin preparation several weeks or months prior to the start of the academy.

  • Community Events

Recruits in community    Recruits in community

Additionally, recruits spend time in the community to learn about the diversity of the citizens of Hartford and its many unique neighborhoods. They meet with city stakeholders, visit area schools and volunteer at community events.


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For specific questions about the police academy, reach out to our recruitment team at joinhpd@hartford.gov or by phone at 860-757-4242.