Promise Zone

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1. Overview

Under the executive leadership of Mayor Bronin, the North Hartford Promise Zone (NHPZ) is an unprecedented, collaborative urban renewal effort being led by a committed cast of key local and regional stakeholders to advance neighborhood revitalization and create a safe prosperous future for residents.  As part of ongoing efforts the Mayor's NHPZ team will focus on three strategies:

  • Bringing in as much money as possible to support growth in the north end of Hartford through Promise Zone Preference points and Grant Application Support.
  • Supporting and cultivating cross sector partnerships to help leverage and braid existing resources
  • Further developing systems to aid residents in accessing programs and services 

2. North Hartford Promise Zone Work groups

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  • Housing Physical Structure/Economic Development - Attract and retain businesses in the North Hartford Promise Zone commercial corridors that build on recent neighborhood initiatives.
  • Jobs/ Housing & Financial Literacy - Increase resident's net income, financial capabilities, long-term job retention and net worth over time. Create programs that assist promise zone residents with preventing foreclosure and provide low-to-moderate income individuals and/or households decent, affordable and sustainable rental, home ownership, and home improvement opportunities.
  • Public Safety - Reduce crime and improve community safety as part of a comprehensive strategy to advance neighborhood revitalization.
  • Health - Improve the emotional and physical development of high-risk children and families.
  • Education - Increase the number of high school graduates that are college and career ready.

3. Preference Points and Grant Application Support

Mayor Bronin pledges grant application support to organizations for more information please email (may need Vas to word this for Mayors words)

4. North Hartford Promise Zone Initiatives

 Envision Center

The purpose of the initiative is to utilize the city’s Parker Memorial Recreation Center as a hub for family-centered programming designed to help lift neighborhood residents out of poverty. Three organizations will be partnering to help guide and implement EnVision Center programming: The Department of Families, Children, Youth, and Recreation; The Department of Health and Human Services; and Catholic Charities.  Parker will provide a range of services through a family support screening model that offers EVERY family the opportunity to connect to additional services and work with supportive staff to have their basic needs met and establish plans for their future .

North Hartford Promise Zone Public Safety Team (C.O.R.E)

CommUNITY Organizers for Residential Engagement C.O.R.E., the acronym represents the commUNITY organizing model planned for implementation in the northeast neighborhood. Blue Hills Civic Association (BHCA) in partnership with the City of Hartford, Hartford Police Department, Central CT State University (CCSU) and other community stakeholders are working in collaboration to develop community based strategies to address the issue of Public Safety in North Hartford.

Housing Resource Fair

A wide range of North Hartford Promise Zone partner organizations come together to provide access to grants and low interest loans to support Hartford homeowners.  In addition residents will have the opportunity to receive information regarding but not limited to:

  • Financial stability and Money Management
  • Landlord and Tenant Rights
  • Emergency Home Repairs
  • Fair Housing and Foreclosure Help

5. VISTA Opportunity

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