Published on October 17, 2023


HARTFORD, CONN (October 17, 2023) – Today, Mayor Luke Bronin, KNOX, Inc., Comcast, and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving launched the third annual “Love Hartford Week”, a five-day series of events that include dozens of community beautification projects across Hartford’s neighborhoods.  Love Hartford is hosted by KNOX Inc., the City of Hartford, and Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. Featured sponsors include Comcast, CVS Health/Aetna, and CGI. 

“Love Hartford Week” began in October of 2021 and is a collaborative effort between the City, corporate and community-based partners, and Hartford residents. Last year alone, over 500 volunteers supported projects throughout the city, including tree maintenance and tree plantings, garden and street clean-ups, repairs, and renovations.

“Love Hartford Week is about everyone coming together -- people who live in Hartford, people who work in Hartford, people who love Hartford -- to care for the city through a dozen different projects,” said Mayor Bronin. “Each year, we’ve had hundreds of volunteers come out to work on projects to beautify our neighborhoods. I’m grateful to Janice Castle and our Community Engagement team for spearheading this effort, and I’m also thankful for KNOX, Comcast, and the Hartford Foundation for keeping this tradition going -- and most especially, to the hundreds of volunteers out there doing the work.”

“It’s inspiring to see volunteers from all walks of life come together to take care of Hartford,” stated KNOX Executive Director Patrick Doyle, “One of our goals for this week is to tell the story of all the residents, businesses, and community advocates working to create a greener, healthier city.”

“At Comcast and NBCUniversal, we empower our communities by investing in local organizations, developing programs and partnerships, and mobilizing our resources to connect people and inspire positive and substantive change,” said Dan Glanville, Vice President of Government Affairs and Community Impact for Comcast’s Western New England Region, which is based in Connecticut. “We’re thrilled to partner for the third consecutive year with the City of Hartford and KNOX, Inc. for Love Hartford Week and we realize that our volunteers and the many others here today are crucial to making Love Hartford Week a success.”

This year’s KNOX projects will take place in the Earle Street, Hudson Street, and Evergreen Street Community Gardens, as well as Zion Hill Cemetery, Colt Park and Pope Park. Hundreds of volunteers are already signed up, but volunteers are still needed and can register by going to

Volunteers already set to participate include corporations such as Travelers, Comcast, TD Bank, Aetna, CGI, Slalom, and many more. Public and private organizations alike, there are many opportunities available to help Hartford during the week. 

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