Published on August 21, 2023

HARTFORD, CONN (August 21, 2023) – At approximately 11:15 am this morning, a construction crew inadvertently punctured a gas line on Main Street. The Hartford Fire Department and CNG responded and determined an evacuation was necessary for specific buildings in the vicinity of Main Street and Pearl Street. 

The Hartford Fire Department confirms that the leak has since been isolated and contained. Individuals in the area may temporarily be able to still detect the scent of gas. The Fire Department is continuing to meter the surrounding area and ventilating as necessary.

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic is currently shut down on Main Street from Asylum Street to Gold Street, as well as on Central Row between Prospect Street and Main Street and on Peal Street between Main Street and Trumbull Street. It is anticipated that all affected streets will reopen to traffic by mid-afternoon and prior to the evening rush hour.

“I am grateful to our Hartford Fire Department and Police Department as well as the team at Connecticut Natural Gas for taking swift action to identify and contain the leak and to take appropriate safety precautions while that was being done,” said Mayor Bronin.

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