Hartford Emergency Assistance Response Team (HEARTeam)




The City of Hartford commits to creating a safe, humane and comprehensive response to non-violent emergency calls for service for individuals with emotional distress.  

The HEARTeam provides mental health responders to help the Public Safety Departments in response to 911 calls.  Depending on the type of call, they may respond with a Public Safety responder, or on their own.  The HEARTeam sends licensed clinicians and peer responders depending on the nature of the call. There are different mental health teams to send to different types of calls.  Services cover adults and youth.


  • Since 2003, the City of Hartford Police Department and Capitol Region Mental Health Center have worked together in response to 911 calls for adults in a behavioral health crisis.
  • In 2020, the Mayor’s Office and the City Council committed to enriching the response to residents in crisis to include a civilian-led response.  

How It Works

  • Hartford Emergency Assistance Response Team (HEARTeam) will deliver tiered responses to 911 calls for youth and adults in emotional crisis. 
  • In Spring 2022, our 911 Call Center began dispatching the HEARTeam, just as they dispatch other public safety services. Roll out of services will be gradual.  Services will be expanded over time.  Safety is at the center of all decisions.

Who are the HEARTeam Partners?

Each of these HEARTeam partners provides trained professionals to help people in crisis. HEARTeam partners understand the importance of language and culture when delivering services.

 Capitol Region Mental Health Center OverView In Hospitals | Ampliz

Capitol Region Mental Health Center is funded by the state to provide crisis services in the community.  They are part of the Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services.  The Mobile Crisis Team is a longstanding partner in Hartford.  They respond with the Hartford Police Department or on their own.  They have expert staff who make assessments and offer services for adults in serious behavioral health crisis, including severe mental illness and substance use.  

 Crt Logos The Community Renewal Team (CRT) is a new partner who will send a licensed clinician and a peer responder when calls come in through 911.  They help adults in emotional distress, as long as there is no concern for violence.  CRT offers de-escalation, support and follow up services.  The CRT Community Responders provide services to lessen stressors that can harm emotional health. 
 Wheeler Clinic Logo

Wheeler Clinic offers Mobile Crisis Intervention Services.  This program serves children ages 3-17 years old.  911 dispatchers and first responders can call Wheeler on a dedicated number.  Wheeler will send an expert clinician.  They offer crisis intervention services.  They can also connect to follow-up care.