Static Maps

We provide mapping support for internal requests as well as the public.  For one of a kind requests please contact Brett Flodine at or (860) 757-9444.

Maps are available for download.  Please see list and link below to download map in Acrobat PDF Format.

To download Adobe Acrobat Reader get it here.

  Neighborhood Map      
 Tax Map Index Image  
  Voting District Map      Street Map

Neighborhood Map 11" x 17" PDF

Neighborhood Map 24"x 36" PDF


Assessor Map Index 11" x 17"  PDF

Assessor Map Index 17" x 22" PDF


 Voting Districts Map 36" x 48"  PDF

   Street Map 34" X 44" PDF
 Adopted Zoning Map    Future Landuse Map    NRZ Map Image    2010 Census Tracts and Block Groups
 Zoning Map 30" X 41" PDF    Future Landuse Map 30" X 41" PDF  

NRZ Map 11" x 17" PDF

NRZ Map 24" x 36" PDF

   2010 Census Tracts 30" x 41" PDF