Apply for a Special Events Permit

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A completed and approved Special Events Permit is required for any event held on City property or in City buildings which requires City or State permits or authorizations.

The Special Events Permit process has five goals:
  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public
  • To minimize the financial and legal risks to the Event Organizer, and the City of Hartford
  • To balance the benefits of Special Event against disruption to business owners, residents, and others
  • To protect our public assets, including our historic parks which have fragile ecosystems and significant irreplaceable features, including trees over a century old
  • To facilitate careful planning which in turn will spur economic development for the whole city of Hartford
Application Deadlines
  • Applications completed or received less than 30 days before the proposed Special Event will NOT be accepted.
  • Please note that other agencies such as the Hartford Department of Health & Human Services and the Connecticut Liquor Control Commission require timely submission of separate applications for temporary food/beverage service permits.

Special Events Application

Step 1.Complete Online Special Events Form

Special Events Application

Step 2.Application Review

The Special Events Coordinator for the City will maintain a Master Events Calendar for both Special Events and City Hall Atrium use events; all applications will be checked against this calendar for conflicting events when received. Applications presenting no scheduling conflict will be placed on the Master Event Calendar pending final approval.

Once an application has been logged, the application will be circulated to the SEAC, including representatives of the city’s Police and Fire Departments, Health & Human Services Department, Department of Public Works, Licenses & Inspections Division and The Hartford Parking Authority. The SEAC meets monthly (or more frequently as needed) to address pending permit applications. 

Step 3.Permit Issuance

Once an application has been approved and signed by the SEAC, it will be forwarded for signature by the Director of Development Services, the Deputy Director of Development Services, or the Director of Community and Small Business Development. DDS will then issue the executed permit.


Neighborhood Event Notification

The City of Hartford is looking forward to working with you for a safe and coordinated event


  • There is NO FEE associated with this application, this is for information gathering only
  • Outdoor live entertainment is not approved through this application.
  • Outdoor cooking is not approved through this application
  • Proposed in-street locations will require additional review and potential modifications.

Please contact Marketing & Special Events Manager Kyla Hudson-Samuels at 860.757.9526  or with questions or concerns.

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