Affordable Housing Plan

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The City of Hartford’s Draft Affordable Housing Plan is a five-year strategy document that outlines the City’s current efforts related to housing affordability; assesses the city’s housing needs, opportunities, and challenges; and finally, sets a vision, goals, and specific actions related to housing affordability for the next five years.  

This Affordable Housing Plan was developed in part to address recent State legislation mandating the preparation of a municipal affordable plan (CGS Section 8-30j) and in part to address Hartford’s local context as it relates to affordable housing needs and challenges. 

Please send comments and questions related to the Draft Affordable Housing Plan in writing to by Monday October 3, 2022.  

All members of the public are also encouraged to attend an informational presentation to the Planning & Zoning Commission on Tuesday September 27, 2022, and the public hearing scheduled for Tuesday October 11, 2022.  

A tentative timeline for plan adoption is provided below:  

  • Tuesday September 6, 2022: Draft Affordable Housing Plan posted online. As required by the State legislation, the first draft will have been posted 35 days prior to this first public hearing.  

  • September to early October: Informational presentations to stakeholders and the public. 

  • Tuesday September 27, 2022: Informational presentation to the Planning & Zoning Commission. 

  • Tuesday October 11, 2022: Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing and tentative vote on plan adoption. 

  • Wednesday November 2, 2022: Informational presentation to the Planning, Economic Development, and Housing Committee of the Council. 

  • Monday November 7, 2022: Court of Common Council public hearing. 

  • Monday November 14, 2022: Court of Common Council tentative vote on plan adoption.



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