Councilman Joshua Michtom (WF)

Joshua Michtom

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Josh Michtom is an attorney at the Office of the Chief Public Defender in Hartford, where he represents children and parents in complex child protection cases, handles appeals, and provides training and technical support for other lawyers. He lives in Parkville with his wife, Constanza Segovia, their daughter Mailén, and Josh's two children, Max and Ruby.

Josh grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and attended New York University. He started out working as a Grievance Officer for the hotel workers' union in New York, which inspired him to go to law school, intending to represent workers. After studying law at Boston University, Josh ended up becoming a public defender, but he kept translating the hotel workers' union newspaper into Spanish for a decade, and remains a devoted ally of unions and working people.

Josh is a musician who founded and leads the Hartford Hot Several Brass Band and has collaborated with numerous other local artists. With his wife, Constanza, he is also a strong advocate for the rights of immigrants, and was one of the founding members of the Hartford Deportation Defense Group. He has also written for the Hartford Courant,,, and the New York Times.