Commission on HIV/AIDS

This Commission studies, makes policy recommendations, and advocates for the needs of residents living with HIV/AIDS. Commissioners study the needs and conditions of people living with HIV/AIDS; initiate public health media campaigns on HIV/AIDS and encourage the inclusion of HIV/AIDS in other health media campaigns; promote the availability of services needed by individuals living with HIV/AIDS outside of regular business hours; monitor legislative action concerning HIV/AIDS and advocate for administrative and legislative reforms before state and federal agencies; and seek and obtain community input on HIV/AIDS issues.

Supporting Department: Health and Human Services

Number of Members: 15

Membership Criteria

  • At least 2 persons living with HIV/AIDS
  • At least 2 persons affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Majority must be Hartford residents



Meeting Information & Materials

In 2017, the Hartford Court of Common Council voted unanimously to utilize a free platform known as for Boards & Commissions to easily post their meeting agendas and meeting minutes online.


Commission/Board Bylaws