Apply to be a City Commissioner

Boards and commissions are an essential component of an effective and responsive government. The City of Hartford is always looking for individuals to serve. Individuals can make personal contributions while serving on the boards and commissions. These contributions can impact Hartford communities.

Boards and commissions are either advisory or decision-making. The role of advisory boards and commissions is to provide advice and help. An example of these commissions are on Aging, the Food Policy, and the Parks & Recreation. The Planning & Zoning Commission, the Redevelopment Agency, and the Hartford Parking Authority are examples of decision-making commissions.


Step 1.BOARD AND COMMISSION Applicant Form

The City of Hartford welcomes your interest in serving on a board or commission. To apply, first complete this form. You will receive an email response when the form is submitted.  Also a staff member will contact you within five to seven business days of receiving this application.

Step 2.Criteria for Appointment

  • Members of boards and commissions usually, but not always, must be registered voters in the city of Hartford

  • No more than 2/3 of the members of a board or commission may be registered in the same political party. (State Law).

  • Members must satisfy the criteria set forth in the ordinance creating the board or commission.

  • Members must possess experience or skills in the issue area addressed by the board or commission.

  • Members must be committed to the Hartford community, as evidenced by volunteer experience or engagement.

Step 3.Appointment Process

Newly appointed members of boards and commissions are given an orientation by the commission Chair and the City staff who support the commission. Additionally, training is provided to members of all commissions on topics such as ethics, freedom of information, and other general topics .

  • An interested individual reviews the list of currently active boards and commissions and identifies one or more boards or commissions on which s/he might like to serve. (Boards and Commissions Book(PDF, 31MB)).

  • Individual completes a Profile Form and Required Narrative and submits, with resume or brief biography.

  • Mayor’s staff reviews submission, verifies voter registration and party affiliation, and notifies appropriate board/commission

  • Individual attends board/commission meeting.

  • Mayor appoints individual and submits appointment to City Council for confirmation.

  • Council invites appointee to Council Committee meeting for informal interview.

  • Council votes to confirm appointment.

  • Mayor sends appointment letter to appointee.

  • Appointee begins participating on board/commission.

Step 4.Applicant Apply Online 

Apply Online