Leaf Collection Program

Leaves in brown bags ready for collection

The City of Hartford Fall Leaf Collection Program is designed to allow residents to dispose of fallen leaves prior to the first heavy snowfall.  During the Program, residents are asked to identify the disposal options that work best for their household as listed below and follow the zone schedule for curbside collection.


Step 1.Determine Your Collection Zone

The City is divided into three (3) zones for easy, fast and convenient collection: 

North - consists of areas north of Albany Avenue, including all of the Blue Hills and North East NRZs. 

Central - consists of central areas that fall south of Albany Avenue, north of New Britain and Flatbush Avenues and east of Prospect Street.

South - consists of areas south of Flatbush Avenue and the Sheldon/Charter Oak, Maple Ave, South End and South West NRZs. 

Step 2.Identify Collection Date

Each zone is assigned dates for the weeks when collection will occur.  Review map below to determine your collection dates for when loose or bagged leaves should be placed on the curb. 

Step 3.Place Leaves Curbside

On the Sunday of your collection week, rake loose leaves to the curb area between the sidewalk and the street.  Do not rake leaves into the streets. 

Leaves raked to the curb after collection has occurred will not be collected until next collection date.

If the collection period is over, please use Dropoff option.

Leaf Bag Drop-off

Missed the curbside collection for your area?  There is another way to get ride of leaves.

Step 1.Obtain a Free Green Permit

Hartford residents can obtain a free green permit by visiting

50 Jennings Road
Monday - Friday
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Step 2.Drop Off Leaf Bags

Residents with their green permit can bring paper leaf bags to:
Waste & Recycling Center
180 Leibert Road
Tuesday - Saturday
9:00 am – 2:00 pm