Mayor Bronin To Co-Chair North Atlantic Rail Initiative

Published on February 04, 2021

HARTFORD, CONN (February 4, 2021) –  Today the City of Hartford announced that Mayor Luke Bronin will serve as Co-Chair of the North Atlantic Rail initiative, which was founded in 2017 to develop a plan for a high-speed rail project connecting New York City to Boston in 100 minutes, with high-performing spur lines to more than a dozen mid-size cities across New England.  Mayor Bronin is joining as a Co-Chair alongside Doug McGarrah, a Boston attorney and Chair of the Board of A Better City, a business organization focused on transportation, environment, and development issues impacting the City of Boston and the region.

“We welcome Mayor Bronin and his leadership on the North Atlantic Rail initiative,” said North Atlantic Rail Co-Chair Doug McGarrah.  “His support will be critical to realize the transformative potential of this project in the entire 7-state region, not only from a mobility enhancement perspective but also in terms of carbon reduction and economic justice.  This is the moment to make a historic investment in our infrastructure – to benefit small towns, big cities, and everyone who lives in the region.”

President Biden has proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure investment nationwide, and the North Atlantic Rail initiative is working with leaders at the local, state, and federal level to advocate for this $105 billion proposal as part of that national infrastructure package.  The New England-Down State New York region has a $3 trillion economy, larger than California and all but five countries in the world, and connecting the region’s large and small cities will boost the economy, reduce air pollution, and also help address racial and socio-economic disparities through the creation of jobs and economic opportunity. 

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