hARTford Love – a Neighborhood Art Initiative

“The hARTford Love project is a great way for us to showcase our local talent and to make our Clay Arsenal and Upper Albany neighborhoods even more beautiful and vibrant," Mayor Luke Bronin

This Love Hartford initiative, made possible by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, is designed to beautify and enrich the neighborhoods through local art..  All artists must have a connection to the neighborhood and are selected by members of the community to develop designs that highlights and express pride said community. 

Project Lead: Andre Rochester

Photo of Andre Rochester - project lead

Andre Rochester is a native of Hartford, CT. His preferred medium is acrylic painting. He studied illustration at the University of Connecticut: School of Fine Arts and completed his BA in Studio Art at Charter Oak State College. He also earned a MS in Organizational Leadership from Quinnipiac University. Andre uses his art to make statements for which words are not enough, highlighting the underlying emotions connected to the subject. His work is a combination of portraiture and figure paintings which often reveal narratives of his personal experiences. At a young age, art became a tool for healing and catalyst for connection. It developed into a way for Andre to let people know they are not alone in this journey through life.

Andre currently serves on the Board of Directors at Windsor Art Center. He also served on the City of Hartford Commission on Cultural Affairs from 2014 - 2015. His work has been featured in various publications, including CT Fashion Magazine and the Hartford Courant. You may also find Andre painting live at events throughout the Northeast United States. In addition to his activity as an artist in the Greater Hartford community, Andre assists emerging artists with portfolio development, curation, and consultation for exhibits. He encourages young artists to develop their craft without losing focus on learning professionalism and business acumen. He believes that with every step forward, we must remember to make room for one more to join us and clear a path for others to travel.


And The Artists Are:

The Process

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Artists must reside in Hartford or surrounding towns.
  2. Complete submissions must include artwork, brief bio along with a brief explanation of artist’s connection to the neighborhood and why they would like to work on this project.
    • Include at least three (3) samples of your artwork in jpg, pdf, or png format with file size no larger than 5MB.
  3. All artwork samples must be the artist’s original design.
  4. Artist can select the option to design for a bus shelter and/or electrical box.
  5. Artists must submit their entry online 

Artist Selection Process

  1. Final selections will be determined by the Clay Arsenal and Upper Albany communities via online vote.
  2. Finalists will be invited to introduce themselves along with their sketches at a neighborhood meeting. 
  3. A minimum of seventeen (17) artists will be selected for a total of 9 bus shelters and 25 electrical boxes.
  4. Selected artists* will be notified within one (1) week of final vote.
  5. After the selected artists have been notified, they will be asked to submit a draft sketch of their bus shelter and/or electrical box design within three (3) weeks.
  6. The Neighborhood Selection Team will review the draft design and provide feedback/suggestions to artists.
  7. Final artwork will be due three (3) weeks after receiving Selection Team feedback.
  8. Artwork will be printed and installed at the bus shelters in late April.
  9. Selected Artists will receive $500 per design, which the City of Hartford will have installed on bus shelters or electrical boxes as selected by artist.

*Selected Artists shall grant non-exclusive rights to reproduce the final design for the purpose of promoting this project and installing the artwork. All artists shall retain original work and full copyright of their image.

Installation of Art

The City of Hartford will print an enlarged version of the artists’ work that will be installed on the panels of the bus shelters and/or  wrapped around the electrical boxes.  This will ensure easy replacement and/or repair of the display if damaged.

Promotion of Artist

A Meet and Greet public reception will be held at city hall for selected artists.  This will provide an opportunity for the artist to meet each other, representatives from the community and representatives from the Mayor’s Office and City Council.

Finalists will have an image of their designs, bios, and descriptions of their work posted to the City's website.

Bus Shelter Artists & Art


Artist Name: Andriena "Driena" Baldwin

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: Born and raised in Hartford, Andriena Baldwin is a graduate of Auburn University in Auburn, Ala., where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism.

In 2018, Andriena brought her vision of a private paint party business to life with Who’s Hue? However, when the pandemic began, Andriena was forced to revamp her business by tapping into her creative talents to sell custom creations, home decor and brand apparel.

Andriena most recently painted a mural at Urban Hope Refuge Church in Hartford, where she has been a member for 3 years. She was also a contributing artist to the Black Lives Matter mural in Bloomfield.

You can follow Who’s Hue? on Instagram, WhosHueByDriena or Facebook, Who’s Hue?

Art Location: Albany & Woodland (South Side)


Brittany Golding

Artist Name: Brittany Golding

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: My name is Brittany Golding, I am a proud native of Hartford, Connecticut. Although I currently reside in the D.C Metro area, I always know where home is. Coming from a lineage of creatives, my first experience as an artist was drawing cupcakes in the 2nd or 3rd grade at Annie Fisher and selling them to my peers for a quarter. I guess you can say I was an entrepreneur long before I even knew what an entrepreneur was. For years I earned the reputation of being “Brittany the Artist” or “the Brittany that draws” because it was necessary to distinguish the thirty different Brittany’s’ I went to school with for twelve years.

Instagram: @paintbrushbri and @artsyrella

Art Location: Albany & Edgewood/Sigourney (South Side)


Che’La’Mora Hardy

Artist Name: Che’La’Mora Hardy

 Hometown: Hartford, CT

Che’La’Mora is Hartford’s own, where she works as a full time creative as an entrepreneur. She is a native to the city and an active part in the art activism in and around the Greater Hartford area. Che’La’Mora studied Illustration at Central CT State University, gaining her BA in Art/Illustration and Spanish she also has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Central CT State University. She is the owner of Purple Halo, LLC where the focus is on holistic health and wellness through art and food. She is the lead chef of Purple Halo Food which is a branch of the Purple Halo, LLC brand. She is the CEO of Che’La’Mora Cosmetics along with owning her own Fashion/Design line,“Che’La’Mora”. She is also the author of four self-published books.

Che’ is from Jamaican and Cuban decent and her background is much of her inspiration. She illustrates human struggle, diverse culture. She is inspired by her sons, friends, and family. She is also inspired by the shapes and colors of the environment, people in the community and fellow artists. Her work is also influenced by pop art, abstract art, figural work, and portraiture. She loves using color and textures to convey emotion, evoke feelings, and capture the viewers’ eye in an unique way. Signature elements she incorporates Into her works are; abstract elements infused into portraits like buttons, texture like layered paper on wood and words hand written by the artist.

Art Location: Albany & Vine (South Side)


Gina Nelson

Artist Name: Gina Nelson

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: Raised in Hartford, Ct, Ms. Nelson holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in Education from New York University. Her educational background spans the fields of grant writing, curriculum & assessment development, leadership capacity building, and school improvement planning. An accomplished writer and artist, her artwork has been featured in both group and solos shows in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and her personal narrative writings were recently published in a Women’s Anthology titled “Our Voices: Our Stories: Advancing, Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls and Women of Color”.An avid traveler and purveyor of other cultures who has sojourned to 54 countries across five continents, Ms. Nelson believes in the generative power of storytelling and the arts to connect people with each other and the world.

Art Location: Albany & Blue Hills 


Kayla Farrell

Artist Name: Kayla Farrell

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: Kayla Farrell is a contemporary painter who lives and works in the Greater Hartford community. Throughout her life, she has always had a passion for creativity. Kayla has had opportunities to study many forms of visual art including photography, sculpture, and printmaking, however, painting in acrylics and oils has been her medium of choice.

After completing her art degree at Central Connecticut State University, in 2013, Kayla dived into her journey of identifying her painting style. This is evident by the variety of painting styles you will see throughout her career. Kayla’s paintings consist of portraits and figures of black and brown people in both stylistic and realist styles. When looking at her portraits and figures, you will find earthy brown skin tones alongside complementary jewel tones. Kayla gets her inspiration from artists Kerry James Marshall and Keith Haring.

You can find Kayla's public and street paintings at Bushnell Park, the letter “M '' on the “Black Lives Matter '' mural on Trinity street Hartford CT, Stella’s and Mazie’s an African eatery, 461 Capital avenue Hartford CT, The Broad Street Art Garden, Broad Street Hartford, CT, The Art Box on Park Street, Hartford CT and the Phoenix Society, 729 Windsor st, Hartford CT commemorating Hartford first black firefighter fighter.

Art Location: Albany & Woodland (North Side)


LaShawn Robinson

Artist Name: Lashawn Robinson

Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Background: LaShawn Robinson is a mother, activist, organizer, artist, and works as a Breast Health Outreach Coordinator. LaShawn’s work within her community has proven to be trailblazing. LaShawn’s remarkable passion and tenacity to seek justice for her community has led her to the forefront of educational and social justice movements within her state and nationally. She was the lead plaintiff in Robinson vs Wenztell, a Connecticut case addressing racial disparities within the Hartford magnet school system. LaShawn has also taken part in organizing local Black Lives Matter rallies and art opportunities.

To further her quest for justice, LaShawn founded "Afro My America", an Charity helping families and youth connecting kids across oceans. As a Wayfinder fellow, LaShawn has received training from EdChoice and was a recent recipient of Yankee Institute’s “Unsung Hero” award.

LaShawn currently sits on the Board of Directors of Community First School in Hartford, while also recently being appointed to the Board for police conduct review by the city of Hartford and Agaupe united board.

Art Location: Albany & Edgewood/Sigourney (North Side)


Tara T. Campos

Artist Name: Tara T. Campos

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: I grew up in the City of Hartford the oldest daughter of a Hair Professional, on the North end. I graduated from Hartford Public High School. I have no formal training, however; I’ve been painting since I was 14. I’m a Wife and Mother of 2 sons. As well as a full-time Sales Admin, and Realtor.

After years of being in a corporate environment. I decides to attempt to do something artistic and try to create income doing something I love. So, 7 years ago, I decide to take freelance work. Until recently due to Covid, I ran an afterschool Art Club for 5 to 8th grade Students of AF Summit in Hartford, where I met a lot of talented young people. Now I have “Make It Pretty Creations”. I do paint parties and lessons for children. Interior jobs like murals and wall art. I’ve done some illustration work and Canvas pieces for many clients. Painting is my Love; it is my Passion; it is my therapy; it is my freedom…

The mediums I have worked with include, but is not limited to Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Soft Pastels, and other Painting mediums. I love to mix mediums. I have also work with Textiles and Ceramics. No one piece that I create, is ever just a painting.

Art Location: Albany & Vine (North Side)


Tiana Correa

Artist Name: Tiana Correa

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: Tiana grew up in the Greater Hartford area with her Dad Lester "Lucky" McBride who lived on Woodland Drive in Hartford. While in Hartford she shared fond memories of attending Artist Collective for dance, going to Keney Park for swimming and Family Day, live music at the Hartford Public Library and enjoying being with family and friends at the Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz. Her upbringing gave her a great appreciation for arts and community.

Now at 31, on her journey as an artist and mother she hopes to take her Lucky Shot at sharing inspiration to others through photography as she interacts with the world around her. During her favorite pastime activities of listening to music, dance, people watching or being in nature she likes to capture moments of joy, passion and peace in black and white as a way of focusing on the detail and evoke emotion. 

Art Location: Albany & Garden (South Side)


Tyrone Motley

Artist Name: Tyrone Motley

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: I am from Hartford and was raised on Vine St. I have gone on to do art professionally, and teach art to the youth. I have history in animation and graphic novels, I also have worked with the city of Hartford painting an electrical on Franklin Ave. I would love to continue to have my art be iconic in my hometown. I am a hard worker and am innovative when fulfilling tasks.

Art Location: Albany & Garden (North Side)


Utility Box Artists & Art


Artist Name: Anne:Gogh

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: I am a  Hartford based creative committed to uplifting the community and myself through art, self-care, expression, and safe spaces. I am determined to fortify the importance of veracity & altruism.

I am visual & performing healing artist who creates anything from upcycled garments to spoken word. 

In addition to being a fulltime artist, I work as an Employment Specialist. This position allows me to aid in providing opportunities for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities to lead meaningful lives of independence, choice, inclusion, & continuous personal growth.

Art Location: Albany & Sigourney


Brooklyn Backman

Artist Name: Brooklyn Backman

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: My name is Brooklyn and I just turned 7.  Im in 2nd grade.  For my birthday I asked for colored pencils and a pencil sharpener.  I love to draw. 

Art LocationAlbany & Blue Hills 


Brooklyn Backman

Chakaria Jackson

Artist Name: Chakaria Jackson

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: Born and raised on the North End of Hartford. I  have a love for all things Art. Starting my passion for Art with music, then writing and in 2015 a paint brush fell into my lap. I am a firm believer in paving the way for younger Artists. 

Art LocationAlbany & Magnolia 


Chakaria Jackson

Christin Dash

Artist Name: Christin Dash

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: My name is Christin Dash, born and raised in Hartford's north end, I am 16 years old high school student who attends Metropolitan Learning Center (MLC). I have been drawing since I was 3 years old. I want to attend an art college for digital art. I draw mostly every day. 

Art LocationAlbany & Woodland 

Christin Dash

David Jackson

Artist Name: David C Jackson

Hometown: Springfield, MA

BackgroundDavid C. Jackson has been an active artist for the majority of his life.  Born and raised in Springfield, MA, the young artist has cultivated and refined his talent over the years to find his purpose and reason for displaying his work.  His parents had always exposed him to various aspects of all cultures and encouraged him to cherish his talents. Different forms of art ran through the Jackson household from music and martial arts to plays and paintings. “He never drew stick figures,” his mother proclaims. “Even when he was five, David drew what he saw and made his own interpretation.” Comics, children’s books, and artists such as Norman Rockwell, Georgia O’Keefe, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali played vital roles in Jackson’s upbringing.  These vast influences explain the complexity of his portfolio and disparities between subject matters.  

Art LocationAlbany & Woodland

David C Jackson

Evangeline Joy Monroe

Artist Name: Evangeline Joy Monroe

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: Evangeline Monroe aka Joy Monroe is a sixteen-year breast cancer survivor and talented body artist who hails from Hartford, CT. She is a proud single mother of four grown children and ten grands. Self-taught, Joy’s passion for art started when she was just a tender age of four.  Joy experiencing homelessness at a point in her life became a jack of all trades leading her to try her hand at anything that word provide security for her family, she was a Culinary Chef fifteen years working venues such as the prestige Hartford Club, as well as a hairdresser and a welder. Something many don’t realize is that Joy also has a hearing disability, but her drive to succeed led her to teach herself to read lips so she didn’t stand out from her peers.

Art LocationAlbany & Oakland Terr 

Evangeline Joy Monroe

Jessica Dickens

Artist Name: Jessica Dickens

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: I am primarily a jewelry designer and have been making jewelry for over 20 years. It is my first love. I have always loved abstract art and I love to color. I own several coloring books. During the lockdown, I picked up some markers and started doodling shapes and patterns. It became something I did as a contrast to making jewelry. I filled some pads of paper and eventually invested in better paper and acrylic markers and I have been filling up canvas and Yupo paper ever since. I call it intuitive doodling. These images were never meant to see the light of day but when I saw this opportunity, I thought about it for a long time and decided to apply. My designs may not be traditional pieces but it highlights the diversity in our community and art itself.

Art LocationAlbany & Lenox

Jessica Dickens

Journey Writers 

Denise Best

Artist Name: Denise Best

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: A native Bostonian, Denise is a published writer who has performed in the Hartford area for more than 40 years as a vocalist, actor, and dancer.  She has performed with Sankofa Kuumba, the Performing Ensemble, the Les Shaw Trio, Nick Mathis, Emery Smith, Many Colors of a Woman and Journey Writers, Inc.

Denise is currently the president and CEO of the Voices of Women of Color.  Proud mother, grandmother, and mentor, Denise is a deejay, and cohosts a weekly talk show with her daughter, Neiima on the internet radio platform, primal4k.com.  She is vice-chair of the board for Community First School, and sits on several boards in her neighborhood and for the city of Hartford, Connecticut

Earl Gardner

Artist Name: Earl W. Gardner

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Background: A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Earl W. Gardner has  performed throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic.  His experience includes not only acting, but singing, directing and writing. He has worked on stage, television, and radio. Earl attended Trinity College where he majored in Theatre Arts.  Earl has worked with various theatre companies in the Greater Hartford Area. Earl continues to perform and direct and along with several other actors started a theatre company called To The Woodshed.

Larry Roeming

Artist Name: Larry Roeming

Hometown: Brandon, WI

Background: Larry Roeming was born in Brandon, Wisconsin (population 816).  Larry retired from CT Public Broadcasting in 2019 after serving as Audio Director for 34 years.  During that time, he received seven Regional Emmy Awards.  His interests include cooking, dining out and he is a great fan of craft beer.  He currently serves as Journey Writers' Treasurer . . . and the group's de facto "tech guy." 



Art LocationAlbany & Bloomfield Ave

Journey Writers

Judah One

Artist Name: Judah Makonnen

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: I am Judah Makonnen, the owner/senior designer at Artwurks Unlimited. The company was founded in 2003, and in the beginning was only going to be an airbrush art gallery, with some fine art exhibitions. Since then, we have expanded our horizons into the digital world and multi media. Our graffiti and fine art backgrounds have been valuable assets in arriving at unique and innovative solutions for our clients.

Art LocationAlbany & Mark Twain

Judah Makonnen

Keith Claytor-Time Frozen Photography

Artist Name: Keith Claytor

Hometown: Bloomfield, CT

Background: Bearded, Harley riding guy and a travel loving girl with a love for new experiences looking to capture love stories...

We find beauty, humor and love in the details that many pass over as ordinary - Keith and Chinenye

Photography chose us. On an expedition to Nigeria in 2003, images that we took as creative vacation photos were well received - so much so that they have been featured in art galleries throughout CT and NYC. From that experience we realized our purpose and dove headfirst into pursuing a passion.

We photographed our first wedding in 2005 - the same year that we exchanged our own vows. Eleven years later the approach to each wedding and love is the same. We tell the love story, show the joy, have fun, dance if our favorite song comes on and score a slice of cake!

Our relationships with our couples is what fuels us. Getting to know their love stories and feeling more like friends than clients allows us to capture and create moments that are genuine and full of life.  If you like what you've seen, inquire with us! 

Art LocationAlbany & Brooks (East Side)


Kendall Soliwoda

Artist Name: Kendall Soliwoda

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Background: I am an artist who has worked exclusively and extensively throughout Connecticut the past 5 years. I love to use vivid colors and use composition to make my work stand out in any environment. I have painted murals of many types and places, including the Pride Crosswalk in Middletown, CT, and an electrical box for the New Britain High Voltage project. I also have a graphic design background, and interned with Exclusive Linez in Hartford. I have designed numerous logos and advertising campaigns digitally. Currently I am teaching art with Charter Oak Cultural Center as part of the Villages after-school program. Personally I am working on NFT art collections,  and collaborating with founding members of tatscru. I am always looking to push the limits of what I can achieve through my artwork.

Art LocationAlbany & East

Kendall Soliwoda

Kim Hinds Jr

Artist Name: Kim Hinds Jr

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: According to my mother I've always drawn pictures but what I remember most clearly about my start was the artists corner page of The Source magazine and they had drawings from prisoners and different people that I would look forward to. They also highlighted different graffiti artists I remember one day seeing an ad for Cowboy Bebop and tracing the image of Jet which got me tracing pictures I liked eventually I was confident enough to try some drawings on my own and I remember a friend of my dad's seeing me tracing and wrote off all my drawings as copies from then on I just looked at pictures and drew them from sight though it was still just for myself a couple times I had drawn on my clothes or sneakers and would sometimes have people ask me for drawings but I never had the same energy when it was for other people then around 2014 I painted some timbs I had and someone who customized sneakers said I should do it as well so I started customizing sneakers then I took a drawing and painting class at Capital Community College and was in my first artshow after that I became friends with another artist and got into my 2nd artshow the Hartford Courant did a piece on it and my Totem pole was the pic they used I did a couple more artshows and made more connections in the art world started doing commissioned drawings and paintings then I did a George Floyd and Breanna Taylor mural at Heaven Skatepark in downtown Hartford, CT and the Hartford Courant did an article about that so did Channel 8 and Fox 61 then I started getting into videography and photography and then bodypainting to try and showcase as much of my talents as possible which is also the reason I want to be apart of this project

Art LocationAlbany & Sterling

Kim Hinds Jr

Kinja Rose

Artist Name: Kinja Rose

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: I was born and raised in the blue hills are of Hartford. I was an only child raised by my grandparents that came to the U.S from Jamaica. I am a son of a local artist, Sonia Rose which I believe is where I get my talent from. I began sketching at 7 years old and entered into an art contest by a  high school teacher and they helped me realize my true talent.  I have been able to use my  drawings as an outlet to escape life's struggles and overcome many obstacles that life through my way. I know use my art to tell my story and am now teaching others how to share theirs through art.

Art LocationAlbany &  Scarborough 

Kinja Rose

Louisa Barton-Duguay

Artist Name: Louisa Barton-Duguay

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: I have been living in Hartford since 2010, working at Grace Lutheran Church as artist in residence and doing out reach in the Asylum Hill Neighborhood. Two years ago with help from the neighbors, I painted a 60’ mural at the corner of Farmington and Marshall. I also added color to the plaza located there. 

I am active with many groups in Hartford including the Healthy Hartford Hub concentrating on the North End. I work with Charter Cultural Center especially with the Street gardens, one is on Albany Ave. 

I have a BFA from Mount Allison U in Sackville NB Canada. I have received grants from the Canada Council, did a residency in France and also one in China. I have had many solo shows and participated in over 50 group shows. 

Art LocationAlbany & Burton (West Side)

Louisa Barton-Duguay

Malik Nedd

Artist Name: Malik Nedd

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background:  I am a visual artist from Hartford. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember but really started to take my art more serious In 2021 after stopping in 2019. I have this big dream of becoming a Fine Artist with my art in a bunch of different galleries across the world. I like to try creating with all mediums but I’ve been working mostly digitally for the past year. A lot of my inspiration comes from my life experiences and comic books I’ve read.

 You can check out some of my art on Instagram @vated.art

Art LocationAlbany & Williams 

Malik Nedd

Melissa Wright

Artist Name: Melissa Wright

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

Background: Art has been apart of my life beginning  at the tender age of 9. I drew everything I saw.  I am a native of the island of Jamaica, so naturally landscapes and portraits of my family became my way of practicing. I migrated to the United States with my family in 1999. Even with the change in environment, I continued to participate in Art clubs in school and flourished as a young artist  throughout my education. As I matured, I honed my skills by exhibiting paintings and sculptures in numerous local Art shows, festivals, and Open Studio Hartford. Although I started off drawing, I gravitated towards painting then ceramics and sculpture. I love experimenting with color combinations, line and organic shapes. I eventually graduated from CCSU with a Bachelors of the Arts degree with a focus in Ceramics. As a wearer of many hats, I'm currently working as an event photographer, face/body painter and entrepreneur. 

Art Location: Albany & Kent (North Side) 

Artist Melissa Wright

Meredith Arcari Luciano

Artist Name: Meredith Arcari Luciano

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: Meredith Arcari Luciano is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur. An Artist, Teaching Artist, and Master Gardener. Growing up in Hartford, CT, alongside different cultures, sparked her love for exploring other regions. She has continued to be a part of her hometown through her work as a Teaching Artist at Hartford Performs.

She has taught for 15 years with various non-profits, including Hartford Performs, Arts for Learning, Green Street Art Center Wesleyan University, and the New Britain Museum of American Art. As a Teaching Artist, she loves teaching in her hometown of Hartford. Bringing programs to the students that encourage them to build upon their individuality, create a sense of place, and commemorate their customs and traditions through the creation of their very own artwork. Every program's primary goal is for students not only to get the opportunity to learn about new artists and their techniques but to create work that conveys their style, life, and emotions. These art programs are geared to enrich students' lives and share the beauty in their neighborhoods.

Art LocationAlbany & Burton (East Side)

Meredith Arcari Luciano

Shaneka Henry

Artist Name: Shaneka "Deka" Henry

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: Deka Henry is an artist and creative from Hartford, CT. Curating her own artistic style she focuses on creating 3D art such a her Modern Mosaics that adds a modern and flair to classical look. A new classic. Greatly influenced by surrealism, pop art and music she creates pieces that portray herself, ideas and beliefs through her art. A common theme that can be seen through her art is the celebration and honoring of black and brown people. The sky and and clouds are also a persistent theme throughout her art and can be seen in her murals in Connecticut.

Art Location: Albany & Kent (South Side) 


Simone Martin

Artist Name: Simone Martin

Hometown: Windsor, CT

Background: Simone Martin is a self taught artist born and raised in Windsor, Connecticut. Her preferred medium is pen and ink, in which she uses to stipple portraits. Simone uses stippling to focus on the details in her work and to concentrate and grow on creating shadows and depth. Although she’s focused on expanding her technical art skills, she always loved to help others and the community. She wanted to combine her love of art with that, to create a safe space for others to benefit from. She is currently building a business to help other creatives called “Safe & Sound”.

Safe & Sound is an open mic event dedicated to providing opportunities for up and coming talent in the arts. With networking and exposure, as well as providing the necessary tools for their talents, Safe & Sound encourages people of all ages to pursue the arts in a judgment free zone. While there are many different performances from spoken word to singing and rapping, guests can also purchase artwork during the show, as there will be many local artists displaying their work on the side.

Art Location: Albany & Garden

Simone Martin

Stanwyck Cromwell

Artist Name: Stanwyck Cromwell

Hometown: Bloomfield, CT

Background: I am a Guyanese-born contemporary visual artist, and a retired adjunct art professor, who have lived and worked in the United States of America, for the vast majority of my adult life. Despite my lengthy absence from my country of origin, my memories of Guyana, are rich and abundant, but the most striking, are the physical, and aesthetics distances, between the cultures of Guyana and the United States of America. A visual kaleidoscope from this exotic place is referenced in my art. These references serve as visual footnotes to my artmaking practice, by allowing me a rich palette of sights to draw from. Saturated colors, patterns and textures reveal themselves in my collages, sculptures, paintings and drawings. Sometimes my subject matter is abstract forms, while other artworks are about self. 

Art Location: Albany & Westbourne

Artist Stanwyck Cromwell

Tamara Lopez

Artist Name: Tamara Lopez

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Background: I'm a government employee by day with a passion to make a difference in peoples lives and an unruly artist and introverted creator by night. As a Puerto Rican woman, I was raised to work hard, be independent, and always follow my dreams.

I express myself through painting, photography, and anything that allows me to create and share with others. I live for my family and finding beauty and peace in all aspects of life. My work is intended to evoke thought and help people lose themselves in the possibilities. Surrealism to me is about a blended reality. The reality I strive to create as an unknown artist on my journey to finally share my art with others.

After years of not showing my work and using it as my healing process from lifes lessons. I've recently begun to share my art with others in hopes of bringing peace, warmth, and a reminder to others to go after it no matter what. I hope to inspire others to heal, grow, and share the gift god gave them with others.

Art Location: Albany & Edgewood 

Tamara Lopez



Please contact Andre Rochester at info@andrerochester.com with any questions.

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