Environmental Health Division


The Environmental Health Division strives to protect and improve health and quality of life for all Hartford residents and visitors by improving the environmental quality where they live, eat, learn, work, and play. The Division pursues these principles by advancing health-protective environmental practices and policies. As a result, the Division's work ensures: safe and nutritious food; protection from nuisance; prevention of exposure to hazardous chemicals; and quality neighborhoods throughout the City of Hartford. While environmental health is interconnected with many sectors and industries, the Environmental Health Division's core services are lead screening and abatement, food safety, and nuisance regulation.

Food Safety

Certified Food Inspectors monitor compliance with state and municipal food safety regulations, and are responsible for inspecting all food service operations within Hartford. Principal activities and services include the licensing and inspection of restaurants and food service establishments within Hartford. For questions regarding licensing, please contact us at (860) 757-4767; otherwise, a listing of Food Inspectors along with their contact information can be found below.

Visit the Environmental Health section of our Forms and Guides page for documents related to licensing, operation plan for food establishments, and other documents.

Please visit the State of Connecticut's Food Protection Program Webpage by Clicking Here for more more information about regulations, requirements, and educational opportunities.

Nuisance Regulation

The Environmental Health Division devotes significant time, energy, and resources enforcing Hartford's local nuisance codes. The Division responds to a wide spectrum of complaints related to debris, solid waste, areas with rodents, health-threatening vehicles, overgrown vegetation and many other neighborhood problems. Nuisance Inspectors also coordinate with other municipal partners through the City's Livable and Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative to ensure that all Hartford families have the opportunity to grow up and live in safe and enriching communities. A listing of Nuisance Inspectors along with their contact information can be found below.

For rodent complaints inside your dwelling, please contact Hartford 311 to submit a request for inspection.

Lead Screening and Abatement

Exposure to lead can seriously compromise children's mental development and function. The Environmental Health Division's Lead program is dedicated to eliminating lead hazards and lead poisoning in Hartford's children. Questions regarding lead work should be directed to (860) 757-4721.

Courtesy of the Connecticut Department of Public Health, there are a host of brochures and other educational materials for parents, pregnant women, and landlords available by Clicking Here.