Training Building

The Training Division is comprised of a Deputy Chief, two (2) Captains and four (4) Lieutenants. The Training Division assures that all department members possess the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively fulfill the mission of the Hartford Fire Department. To accomplish this, the Training Division is divided into two (2) units, Fire and E.M.S., each having its own specific area of expertise and training responsibilities. Each unit of the Training Division is supervised by a Captain and supported by two (2) Lieutenants.

Fire Unit

The Fire Unit is responsible for officer training, drivers training and other specialized training such as Confined Space Rescue, Rapid Intervention Training (RIT), High Rise Training, Live Fire Training, Swimming and Boat Operation Training.

E.M.S Unit

The Emergency Medical Training Unit is responsible for providing the initial and continuing education necessary to maintain the State of Connecticut Department of Health certificationto the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) for all department members.