Starting a Business

Woman turning store open sign

Thank you for choosing The City of Hartford as the home of your new business! Let’s get started!



City Requirements

Step 1.Find a Business Address

Determine a location for your business. 

Step 2.Determine the Zoning District

Once you have a particular location in mind, you need to determine what zoning district the property is located in. You can find this out by looking up the address in the Property Viewer and selecting the zoning district layer.

Various zones allow and prohibit different uses - once you know the zone, you can view the Table of Principal Uses (Figure 3.2-A) of the Zoning Regulations to find out if your business is allowed in a particular zone. Be sure to also look at the section referenced for that use to ensure no use-specific conditions apply that might otherwise prevent your proposal.

Call the Planning and Zoning Division to verify zoning use before signing a lease at your desired business location. If needed, obtain a zoning permit to allow for a particular use.

Step 3.Fill out New Business Survey

Complete the New Business Survey Here

Once you have filled out the new business survey someone from the City's Small Business team will contact you about a meeting. Visit the Small Business and Community Development Division page for additional information about partners and resources. 

State Requirements

Step 4.Choose a Business Name

Step 5.Identify Business Structure

Identify if you are you a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation? For more information visit the CT Department of Revenue Services

Step 6.Register Your Business with the State of CT

Visit the CT Department of Revenue Services to register your business. 

Step 7.Apply for your Federal Tax ID Number/Employer Identification Number

Visit the IRS website to apply for a Employer Identification Number (EIN) online. 

Step 8.Apply for your CT Tax Registration Number (TRN)

Visit the CT Department of Revenue Services to apply for a CT Tax Registration Number. 

Step 9.Apply for a Business License 

Check to see if you need a license to operate your business.