Historic Preservation/ Properties Commission

Colt Factory Building

The City has two Historic Commissions. The membership of each Commission is identical and meetings are held on the same night in succession. The Historic Properties Commission considers applications for work on properties that are located in local historic districts.  The Historic Preservation Commission considers applications for work on properties that are listed as state or national historic resources. 

The Historic Commissions perpetuate, preserve, and protect historically distinctive buildings and places. Commissioners implement the Historic Preservation Ordinance; provide information, education and expertise to people interested in rehabilitation or construction of a historic structure or in a historic district; encourage preservation, restoration and rehabilitation that respects the historic, cultural, architectural and archeological significance of distinctive areas, sites, structures and objects; and apply design standards to prevent the unnecessary loss of a community’s historical features and to ensure compatible construction and rehabilitation in historic districts

Supporting Department: Development Services - Planning Division

Number of Members: 5 Regular, 3 Alternate

Membership Criteria

  • At least 1 architect experienced in rehab of historic buildings
  • At least 2 persons trained and having experience in historic preservation.
  • At least 1 attorney, specializing in land use law
  • At least one property owner in a local historic district. 



Meeting Information & Materials

HPC meets the third Wednesday of every month at 4pm. The application deadline is ten (10) business days prior to each meeting. 

Information on upcoming meetings will be posted to CivicWeb (https://hartford.civicweb.net/Portal/MeetingTypeList.aspx). Meeting agendas will be posted 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting. Additional meeting documents, including staff reports, will be posted the week before the meeting.