Civilian Police Review Board

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The Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) hears public complaints against Hartford police officers in order to maintain an independent oversight of the Police Department. The Inspector General conducts and oversees investigations into the allegations of misconduct by the police and reports findings to the CPRB for evaluation. The CPRB holds public meetings to hear the findings and vote on the results. The CPRB then transmits its findings to the Chief of the Police for discipline. If the Chief does not accept the findings of the CPRB, the CPRB can appeal the chief's decision to an independent arbitrator. 

The CPRB can being an investigation by receiving a citizen complaint against specific officers or it can initiate its own investigations into police conduct. The Board has the power to subpoena witnesses for testimony and for the production of documents and records. The CPRB also has access to the same files and reports as the Hartford Police Department. Based on its oversight experience, the CPRB can also make policy recommendations to the Mayor's Office and Court of Common Council. 

The ordinance governing the CPRB established a board of up to nine (9) voting members and two (2) alternates. Two (2) board members may be residents of other towns; the remainder of the board members must be Hartford residents.  



Eric Crawford, Chair

Andrea Hartman, Vice Chair

E. Lorenzo Blake, Secretary

Hyacinth Yennie

Debra Davis

Victor Luna