1. Fire Administration

The Hartford Fire Department administration consist of a Fire Chief and two (2) Assistant Fire Chief. The Fire Chief is also the Director of Emergency Management, while one of the Assistant Fire Chief is responsible for Emergency Services Division and the other for Support Services Division. Also, the Executive Office is a vital and necessary feature of the Fire Chief’s office.

2. The Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director:

Plans, directs, coordinates, supervised and oversees the activities and operations of the Fire Department. As Emergency Management Director develops, coordinates and approves the City all Hazards Emergency Operations Plan.

3. Emergency Services Division:

Is responsible for delivering the core services of Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Technical Rescue and Hazardous Material response. These services are performed by seventeen (17) companies which consist of eleven (11) engine companies, five (5) ladder companies and one (1) tactical unit. Each company has a geographic first due area of responsibility.

The City is divided into two (2) districts which are called Fire District 1 and Fire District 2. Each district is supervised by a Deputy Fire Chief and they are assigned Deputy Chief’s Aide. These services are maintained twenty-four (24) hours a day with four (4) rotating shifts of suppression personnel working a twenty-four (24) hour shift.

4. Support Services Division:

Provides support for the delivery of Emergency Services, Training, Prevention, Education, Communications, Technology, Finance and Apparatus & Equipment Maintenance. Additionally, duties include Grants Management, Accreditation and Insurance Services Office Compliance and Labor Relations & Personnel.

5. Executive Office:

Engages in duties and functions that are wide in nature and require a deep understanding of the Fire Department, responsible for ordering and providing for the distribution of all uniforms, protective clothing and all other personnel firefighting equipment required by the Department and issued to each firefighter on a 24/7 basis, day-to-day maintenance of the fire stations and the resupply of the other necessary supplies. The Executive Office is also involved with the competitive bidding process necessary for the procurement of items in accordance with the purchasing procedures of the City.