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Accessory Dwelling Unit

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A property owner must file a zoning permit for an accessory dwelling unit prior to its recognition as an accessory dwelling unit.

Review Guidelines 

  • The property proposed for an accessory dwelling unit must:
  1. Contain one, but no more than one, residential structure occupied as a one-unit dwelling
  2. No property shall contain more than one accessory dwelling unit
  • The accessory dwelling unit shall be located either:
    1. In a detached accessory structure occupied, or formerly occupied
    2. On the first floor by a garage, barn, or similar accessory use
    3. In a principal structure, provided that there is a separate entrance to the exterior or to an unconditioned porch type space 
  • The usable floor area of the accessory dwelling unit shall not:
    1. Exceed 50 percent of the usable floor area of the principal dwelling unit or 1,000 square feet, whichever is less. Exterior patios, decks, porches, and staircases providing interior access from the principal unit to the accessory dwelling unit will not be counted toward the usable floor area of the accessory dwelling unit.
  • The orientation of the proposed accessory dwelling unit shall, to the maximum extent practical, maintain the privacy of residents in adjacent dwellings as determined by the physical surrounding the accessory dwelling unit including landscaped screening, fencing, and window and door placement. The exterior entrance of an accessory dwelling unit located in a principal structure shall not be visible from the front right of way. A separate numeric address for the accessory apartment is prohibited.
  • No new, separate utility connection may be installed for the accessory dwelling unit in a principal structure, unless more than one utility connection already serves the lot, to the location of the proposed accessory dwelling unit, at the time of the application for the accessory dwelling unit.

Complete Online Application 

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