Apply for Final Site Approval

Illustrative Site Plan

Apply for a Site Bond, Certificate of Compliance, and Bond Release/Reduction here. 



Step 1.Apply for Site Bond

Complete the necessary Site Bond Application below. The Bond will cover all improvements required by the Commission, shown on an approved plan, or required by regulation, even if not listed on bond form.

Site Bond Application

Step 2.Apply for Certificate of Planning Compliance 

  1. Complete the Online Application which includes the following:
  • Submission of 2 copies of As-Built drawings to A2-T2 standards along with all revisions and approval dates in conjunction with, a narrative of uses, and the Engineer or Architect who signed the approved drawings must certify that the project was built in accordance with the original approved plans.
  • As-Built drawings must be included for all site work, including lighting, landscaping, paving and striping of parking spaces must be completed prior to the issuance of an unconditional Certificate of Planning Compliance. 

Certificate of Planning Compliance Application

If all site work has been completed, but the landscaping has not had sufficient time to become established, a Conditional Certificate of Planning Compliance may be granted, provided that the bond in place is sufficient to cover the cost of the unfinished work. The applicant should contact the Planning Division to schedule a re-inspection only after a full growing cycle. A re-inspection fee of $100 will be charged

Step 3.Apply for Bond Release 

As noted on the original bond estimate form:

  • Bond shall cover all improvements required by the Commission, shown on an approval plan, or required by regulation, whether listed on bond form or not on site.
  • Complete the Online Bond Release Form. Please do not request a release until all work is complete.

Bond Release Application

  • Site inspection will be scheduled:

1st Inspection - No charge
2nd Inspection - $100

  • Upon satisfactory completion of all required work, your bond release request will be scheduled for Commission action if your bond is for one or more than $25,000. Applicant will be notified when the release is scheduled to be heard by the Commission. Your bond release request can be signed off administratively if your bond is less than $25,000.
  • No bond release will be processed prior to the insurance of a Certificate of Planning Compliance.
  • Upon favorable official action by the Commission or Director of Planning, the applicant will be notified of the method of bond release.