Commission on Housing

 The Commission on Housing serves as a conduit to discuss housing matters with representatives of the City, tenants, and landlords

The Commission advises and assists the Mayor, COO, and Council on:

  • Fostering and formulating housing legislation
  • Addressing homelessness
  • Increasing homeownership
  • Improving quality of housing


Supporting Department: Development Services- Housing Division

Number of Members: 13

Membership Criteria

Majority Hartford residents

  • 4 tenants
  • 4 property owners (1 landlord, 1 owner-occupant of multi-family home, 1 owner of single-family home)
  • 2 City employees working on housing-related matters
  • 2 reps of homeless shelter or homeless person
  • 1 rep of Hartford Housing Authority



Meeting Information & Materials

In 2017, the Hartford Court of Common Council voted unanimously to utilize a free platform known as for Boards & Commissions to easily post their meeting agendas and meeting minutes online.



Commission/Board Bylaws